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Monday, March 23, 2009

Catch me if you can - on XFire!

Since 1.23 came, many children all around the world know there is nothing more they could wish for: Christmas came early. With everyone so happy, it is easy to forget that Waaaghtv got struck an unfortunate blow: this dinosaur of a program, which we yet owe so much viewing pleasure to, is having some hiccups to cope with the new patch.

Being a fan myself, I have a thorough understanding what kind of impact this malfunction may nonetheless have in the lives of many. To provide some comfort for Warcraft III fans, ex-4Kings fans, ex-MYM fans and Grubby fans, I've decided to stream as much games as possible through XFire tomorrow for the WC3L Clanwar in Playday 4, of ex-MYM against nGt (ex-BraBlay).

Since I have never used this program while playing a real match before, I'll have to do a bit of testing and see if everything goes alright. If I have any problems where it interferes with performance, I unfortunately have to cease using it. But if all goes well, I hope I can stream all of my games. That way, the people who can watch can shoutcast the game to the other people waiting in the room!

So watch today (23 March) at 18:00 CET, on !


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