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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey everyone,

I've recently launched my new website "" (Beta). This is the official Grubby homepage - the one-stop website for all news regarding me, including blogs, updates on my next tournament, results, when I will be streaming, the ability to download my latest replays, wallpapers, and you can watch VODs - Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 commentaries and so on. Be sure to also check out the photo gallery and Grubby Shop (Coming soon, Team Grubby jerseys, jackets).

Though the page is in Beta with improvements and changes on its way, it's already fully functional, with a few hundred users signed up. Signing in with your Facebook account is possible - Just click on the Facebook icon on the top left. Come join our sweet community today, hang out in our discussion forums, discuss strategies and make friends with the same passion, talk about anything under the sun!

See you at !

Warmest regards,

Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 Tournaments in a Row!

Tomorrow we will be leaving home and will be on the road for a month. Firstly, we will be traveling to Beijing for TopGamer, which is a 2 weeks long tournament with the best Warcraft III progamers in the world. Then we will rush over to Shanghai for Star Wars Reborn......

Read the rest of the blog at:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two new blogs from Cassandra on

Cassandra talks about Olympics, Starcraft II Beta, Snowmen

Cassandra made Grubby and Moon wallpapers for the fans!

Check it out and leave your comments there! ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Holiday at home, recent playing, EG.wc3 2010

A quick overview of how I'm doing at the moment. I've gained 3-4 kg, unnoticeable in my face because it's pure muscle (I now move mountains). I'm doing all the things that I can't normally do in the rest of the year such as - eating slowly, reading books, spending more time with family, reading letters (a year's worth pretty much - with all the kind of "This is the last warning" that you can imagine) and so on. It started out being a huge relief. Well, obviously it started with our snow boarding holiday, which was amazing.

Holiday at home
It went on into a kind of holiday-at-home. Though I played WC3 and watched replays and followed the scene closely, I allowed myself to breathe easy by not practicing every hour that I have, as I usually do. At first it felt kinda naughty and relieving, like I said. And the part where I can be there for family birthdays and the like feels very gratifying and wouldn't grow old. But the part where I have no serious competitions for WC3 does grow a bit old. I won't have to wait for too long because there will be several events lined up not too long from now, and before too long I'll be training just as I always am. But for now, it's kind of the calm before the storm. It feels lazy but I try to appreciate it because such moments are rare. I'm still appreciating my finishing performance in 2009 at WEM.

Recent playing
My shape hasn't deteriorated much, only my speed a little. With a few days that should come back. I've had a few public appearances, like vs Winners and ThomasG in the WC3L and I must not have done too bad since I won both. I haven't played any ZOTAC Cups because I'm not feeling like it right now when there's so much other things to do before the LAN Tournaments start again. After the Chinese New year, Evil Geniuses is up against World Elite and I don't think we have much chance to win. Maybe a miracle will happen and we do, we'll see.

The weather
In Netherlands the weather has been absolutely unprecedented as far as my life time is concerned. And I wouldn't be a real Dutchie if I didn't discuss the weather. It's been snowing nearly non stop for like 2 months. Every time you think it has stopped, I wake up to a bright window and I know that it's the sun reflecting off a whole new blanket of snow all around my house. It's enchanting but cold.

EG.WC3's future
Only thing left which I want to share is EG.WC3's future. Ciara and me are buddies and we enjoy being in the same team. For as long as that's possible, it will probably remain that way. For me it's great to be part of EG and to have the sponsor backing that we have. In 2010 I'll most likely continue to play here, if it works out, and that would make me happy. We're not sure if we will pick up any new players, as we're not sure what's going to happen with WC3L yet and whether it's still worth it. Anyone who knows me for a while already, knows that I love WC3L and have always played my best in WC3L. Still, I feel that the scene's attention has definitely shifted from team leagues to 1on1 competitions more than ever. Even SK and Mousesports have disbanded their WC3 team and pulled out from WC3L.

I'd love to get a new player who can show his power at LAN's as well as in online leagues. If someone catches our eye, who knows.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cassandra's blog - WEM and travel

Hi everyone!

I started my column again on
Read the first picture blog about World e-Sports Masters and travel adventures at:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grubby Pro Event - SteelSeries - XFire

Hi everyone,

Few days ago I did a show match against ThomasG and against some challengers. I'd like to post the links for you, in case you might enjoy watching it. There's also a transcript of a chat session I've done with XFire users / Warcraft 3 fans. Have fun!

* Show Match: Grubby vs ThomasG (shoutcast by EndarSpire and hosting by Thorzain) (1st Map) (2nd Map) (3rd Map)

* Grubby Live Chat:

[Xfire] Matteox (matteox): Welcome to the live chat with WarCraft III Legend, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen. We're very happy to have him! He will start taking your questions now.

[Xfire] Matteox (matteox): Please ask your questions in the question room. Grubby will answer the selected questions in this room, central command.

[Xfire] Matteox (matteox): At the end of the chat we will awarding a couple of prizes for the best questions. Enjoy!

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, i was wondering how old were you when you started gaming like a bit more seriously?

It always interested me to become better at games, but it was only about beating my older brothers.. it didn't have special meaning until I was introduced to eSports which was when I was 17 years old.

Grubby (steelseries3): 18:59] regnasta: hi grubby... i was wondering if you played any other game than war3?

Which game didn't I play? Haha... I've been interested mostly in RPG's, RTS's, Turn based strategy and adventure games... think about Settlers, Civilization, Populous, etc...

Grubby (steelseries3): (forza67): sup grubby,what are your best memorys of wc3?

Undoubtedly that's winning some of the big titles that I've won... but also moments where a few simple words from a supporter touched my heart (sounds mushy but it's true)

Grubby (steelseries3): tatu90 (tatu90): Hello Grubby! Is it hard to concentrate if you have problems in life?

That's really difficult... it was important to have a good relationship with my mother in the first 3 years of my eSports, and in the last 3-4 years the relationship with my girlfriend. They helped to "shield" me from worries when they could mess with my mindset.

Any athlete needs to have a mind empty of worries to give their top performance. I did notice that, later on as I became more experienced in dealing with such things, that I've been able to better concentrate on shutting 'problems' away from my mind for the important times

Grubby (steelseries3): fu'Z (xcacos): Hi Grubby, just wanted to ask what you felt when you won a WCG Championship for the first time?

I was so young and I didn't have ambitions to win. In the finals, I felt that I will surely lose and I was OK with that because I'd already gotten top 2. It was unimaginable for me to win, so the moments that followed after I did actually win WCG 2004 are a complete dreamy blur. It felt like I was being pulled at from every direction by everyone. A very strange, blurry feeling which seemed to pass by so fast. It felt extraordinary.

Grubby (steelseries3): Nikfiuri (pansmith): Hello Grubby, do you play any team games at wc3? Which give you more fun - solo or team and why?

When I play team games, that's usually 2v2 or 3v3. I like to try and win with bad strategies, like massing banshees up to 100 food and so on =] or heroes only..

Grubby (steelseries3): GD Raz1el (razielge): Hey Grubby, i just start now with WC3, do you mean that it´s to late, or should i try it??

If you play for the right reasons (enjoyment), it's never too late to start. Set yourself small goals, and be satisfied with each goal you achieve! Choose for yourself what sacrafices you're willing to make for getting better, and stick to it. That will you would never regret your decisions.

Grubby (steelseries3): DeathWing (deathw1ng): Grubby, did you ever at one point think about quiting warcraft 3? and if so at what moment in ur carreer was this and what made u decide to keep playing?

- I felt like quitting after I lost in Winner Bracket of WCG 2003 qualification to AcidPsycho at Night Elf Mirror. My brother suggested me to switch to Human, and when I did I ended up winning the qualification. Thanks, bro!

Grubby (steelseries3): (forza67): Do you find it hard to get used to a different setup at a tournament/cup than say your normal setup at home?

I only have trouble with that when the tournament set-up is in some way malfunctional, OR is drastically different from what I have at home. To prevent such things, I learned to mimick tournament conditions at my home.

Grubby (steelseries3): (proesmans): which pllayer you prefer: Sky, Moon, Infi, Lyn or ReminD?

Prefer in what way? :P They're all very talented and have worked hard for where they are.

Grubby (steelseries3): Majorichter (majorichter): Grubby, for you who is your best partner for playing ? Why ?

I really liked playing with Creo, because when we partnered I used to play Random and he NE, and we won nearly everything =)

Grubby (steelseries3): CyDoN (blackmetaltemplar): 1st. If you could choose a normal succesful non gaming life you go back in time?

Never. I have no regrets, and I am very happy with my life.

Grubby (steelseries3): ivanuz: Does Your Friends support you?

If they don't, they're not really friends.

Grubby (steelseries3): GD Raz1el (razielge): Aloha Grubby, what do you mean at what age a person should start with eSports, and at which age better Quit?

I believe there are no real age limits. That's the beauty of eSports in my mind. Technically, a 10 year old could play against an 65 year old. Perhaps in the future we will see that in some other game :p That could never happen very well in real sports because of the physical requirements.

Grubby (steelseries3): kunzile: If WC3 never existed, and you could become a professional in any other game what would it be?

Another RTS, but I haven't seen any (that's not from Blizzard) that's as good as WC3... so who knows..

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, who is the best friend you have gotten out of The whole gaming scene, like who you really enjoy hanging out with etc?

Someone I know since I was 3 years old. They say a person is lucky if he has one true friend.

Grubby (steelseries3): (forza67): Who introduced you to wc3,and what kind of stimulouses kept you playing?

My brother of 2 years older. The stimulus was the enjoyment I got out of the game.

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, i was wondering if you have ever had problems with your gaming life and your real life messing each other up?

Let's just say it's a delicate balance :p

Grubby (steelseries3): SendMeASign (sendmeasign): Grubby, if you meet some players in, would you talk with them and tell them who you are orc just ignore them?

When I play, I play to play, not to talk. Most likely I would not talk. When I want to talk, I do something like this on Xfire :P

Grubby (steelseries3): chumpesque: Based upon how fun it is to play, what is your favourite hero (i.e. irregardless of results)

That would probably be the Warden and the Tauren Chieftain, because they both can be very fast and got damage spells =)

Grubby (steelseries3): 9|FrIsti™ (santaskimzorz): Grubby how long do you play DotA and what is Your Favourite character to play with

Let's deal with this now: I don't play DotA ! :p

Grubby (steelseries3): Nikfiuri (pansmith): Grubby, how often do you play "in public" on I mean, like I never saw you online playing. Do you play on some other accounts to make your opponents not know who are they playing with?

It's possible you've already played me, but didn't know. I'd like to keep it that way, too.

Grubby (steelseries3): crusher (crusher2010): grubby, yesterday I read that Happy left EG. what do you think about that? and will you try to find a new 3rd player for EG or will it stay you and ciara only?

I can't say anything about this yet, but I suggest you follow the news

Grubby (steelseries3): (proesmans): Do you stay in the Netherlands during the year.. or do you stay in Asia (because of the ping) so you can challenge players like sky & moon with a lovely ping?

So far, I've always used Netherlands as my home base to fly out from and to come back home to and practice. It's served me well enough so far.

Grubby (steelseries3): skillz'Siffics (19magiman91): Grubby, when did you started to play Wc3? And what are other games you play except Wc3?

Started with WC3 7 years ago, and I played a lot of other games before that. But since I play wc3, I play very few to no other games.

Grubby (steelseries3): GD Raz1el (razielge): how thinks your family, when you start Gaming?? did they cheer and support you and said you make it reight, or the opposide??

We support each other in what we do, no matter what it is... I was not an exception in this, and they saw it made me happy

Grubby (steelseries3): fu'Z (xcacos): Which was you're very first prize on a WC3 tournament?

$10,000 in CXG , but it was never paid out. A 'bitter' intro to eSports, but it was an uncommon occasion which can be expected in a young industry ;p

Grubby (steelseries3): Apart from that there were some €100 from small tourneys, I guess you could count those too.

Grubby (steelseries3): Mp.єҳє® (hcmaitrepoul): Hi Grubby ! What is the biggest price you won? thx

Probably WSVG $20,000 + the Rolex watch in 2006.

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, i was wondering at what time did you feel most proud or happy for a team mate?

Probably when Creo won WCG against Sky. At the same time it's also a shameful memory, because I did not support him live. I thought he had no chance to win, and for this I haven't forgiven myself. Yet he made me proud

Grubby (steelseries3): skillz'Siffics (19magiman91): Grubby, While you playing a game against someone, and you are about to lose against that oppenent, what is about going through your mind?

When I first feel that "I may be losing this game", I re-double my efforts. It's a very scary but also exciting feeling, and sometimes my best plays came forth from those moments.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reflecting on WEM victory posted on

I've just had an incredible 10 days behind me. It's been so enjoyable for me, and I don't only say that because I ended up winning. Although the success and the results really put me in a good mood which I suppose will carry over really nicely into the planned vacation I'll be taking around the end of this year.

To me, "World eSports Masters" is starting to become synonymous with professionalism, excitement and comfort. I see this as the 3rd edition of the tournament that I join (the first being WEG Masters 2006 and the 2nd being WEM 2008), and it keeps getting better. Like last year, the organization has provided for the players very well. There were dozens of translators (chinese-korean-english), nearly all of whom were (English) students at the university at which this event was held. These guys, who happened to be fans of CS & WC3 big-time, also turned out to be really great guys and I have much to thank for with the help they've given. Special thanks to LeBronc (that's not his real name, but they use English names for our convenience) and Alex who ran to get me some food before my semi-finals match.

Although the match format is BO1 and this produces some randomness to an extent, at least the groups were announced several days before my departure from Europe, so there was a certain amount of control a player could have over practicing his specific opponent and map. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who I've practiced with (you know who you are). I'm sure it was mutually beneficial but I am very grateful.
The BO1 format does make things very exciting though, and pushes you to try your hardest. I may have got unlucky a few tourneys, and maybe now I got lucky. Whichever way, I can't describe how happy I am to take the last big tourney before the year 2009 is over. In a final against Moon no less, whom I respect a lot.

We got food provided for every morning, afternoon and evening (if you happened to be around or awake), which although it wasn't haute cuisine, was not spicy and therefore suitable for everyone. It was also well varied, so it helped to keep me at least healthy and fed. There was a special VIP area in a PC cafe (same as last year's WEM 2008) with a very likeable PC Cafe owner who really makes the pro-gamers feel special I think. There were plenty of PC's for every time to practice at any time they liked.

One other thing I really liked was the time schedule. Having one best of one over the course of 1 or 2 days means that you really get a lot of freedom as to how you wanna spend your day. Enough rest and time to eat are important factors for comfort and health. I really like the set-up of this tourney. Maybe that's why I went the extra mile to try and get into the finals. Once I was in the finals, I felt, dunno, redeemed, ecstatic, happy, and privileged to be able to battle out a grand final match once again. Whether or not I'd come out on top was a 2nd concern, which I took very seriously, but wasn't essential for my existence. Having won it, I'm happy that I did =]

Hangzhou really made me feel at home. It felt weird going to the Training Center; there was posters of Sky, Moon, Infi, me and others all over the place. It all felt strangely familiar, as if I was at home or surfing the net. Hundreds of people recognized me outside of the tournament grounds. We even had dinner with some very nice fans after my semi-finals game against TeD. They were students at the university and knew the neighborhood well, and we ended up eating very nicely with some Fusion western-chinese food.

When we approached the restaurant, there was a group of 3 guys sitting near the window. One guy, who looked a bit like Jet Li, smiled congenially and waved enthusiastically. I wasn't sure how to respond. I mean, there's a chance this guy is a fan and I should wave back and smile. There's also a chance that he isn't, and that he's interested in me. In that case, I shouldn't be encouraging him. But we entered the restaurant and it turned out they were all WC3 fans and just wanted to say hi and so on, haha :P

The fans in Hangzhou were really amazing. I really want to thank all the fans who supported me, who gave me the strength and energy to win this tournament. After disappointments at other tournaments, I received nothing but words of encouragement (including from fellow pro-gamers) and this really helped. I really mean it when I say this victory doesn't only belong to me, but also everyone who cheered for me, be it from the live audience or sideline at home. That includes my family, for example my mom, who, when my match with TeD had about 2 hours delay, could hardly work as she kept skipping to the PC to press the infamous F5 (refresh). Thanks for being so involved and supportive, mom.

Needless to say, but I want to anyway, thanks to my fiance, who, although she fell sick with the flu about 5 days ago, has stood by me every step of the way.

Well, there's so much to tell (we've been here for a long time, it seems!), but I'll cut it short here. We finished the closing dinner around 10 PM this sunday, where I was forced to consume large quantities of booze from my Champion's cup not entirely against my will. Fnatic promptly followed on CAN's urgings. I have lived nearly like a monk the last few weeks (months?), so it was nice to unwind and have a laugh and a glass with everyone.

It's 4:42 AM on monday morning, chinese time now, and we're leaving with the bus at about 6:00 AM to go to the airport, preparing for our long flight back. Needless to say, we haven't gone to sleep and hope to do so on the airplane. Hopefully we can! BTW, I thought it was cold here with near-freezing, but it's -10 + snow in NL.. whoops! Going to have a white christmas :p

Best regards,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winners of "Favourite Grubby Replays" Facebook contest

We spent a few hours going through the entries. There are more than a 100 entries, and it was really hard to decide the winners. It was even harder to decide who is #1 and who is #2. We like most of the entries, because they were written with such passion, it touches our hearts. This is what REALLY makes it worth it to be a progamer - having so many fan's support and appreciation for your work.

Without further ado:

First Prize goes to: Adam Zhang
(gets Grubby's autographed 4Kings T-shirt, a Christmas card and Grubby bookmark)

Second Prize goes to: ROnan Larkin
(gets Grubby's autographed SEC 2005 T-shirt, a Christmas card and Grubby bookmark)

3rd - 20th Prize (in no particular order) goes to:
(will receive a Christmas card with Grubby bookmark)
Jeroen Van de Pol
Sergei Vilbik
Jim Zenox Salte
Christoph Geisler
Lukas Smolka
Tory Boudreaux
Xi Yan
Nick Dorazio
Orion Yan
Albert Gonzalez (Di Xu)
Wang Oceanus
Matt Schlenker (Inclnerator)
Jannes Tjarks
Wang KeLong
Minh Duc Vu
Tony Zhang
Ben Macdonald
Xi Zhang

Almost forgot, honorable mention to Sam McCafferty whom we were until the last moment considering for Top 2 position as well, but we couldn't squeeze in more than 2. Thanks for sharing your story with us. We will be sending you a Christmas card accompanied by 4 different designs of Grubby bookmarks.

Congratulations to all the winners. Please send a private message with your full name and full mailing address to "Cassandra Ng" on Facebook (can be searched by email:
NOTE: You need to message me with the account that you submitted your entry with. And please do it soon now/soon so you will receive the items before Christmas!

Thanks to all for participating so far. This has been a very enjoyable contest. We read every entry with joy! We wish we can give everyone a prize. We are paying for all the postage costs ourselves so this is the best we can do for now. If you don't get any gaming souvenirs this contest, don't worry, because we plan to do many more of these activities in the near future. Grubby has put aside lots of other gaming T-shirts/souvenirs from his home to be given away.
The next contest will be announced on "Grubby page" on Facebook.

Before we sign off, here's the entries of #1 and #2:

# 1 Adam Zhang:
King of Orc, allow me call you like this. You never know that in faraway China, in a self-studying room of my college, I wept for your WCG2008 Champion before my laptop, as if there were nobody else in that room. When Moon tapped out "gg", when I saw you brandishing your double arms, when you turned around and showed "WCG2008" on the back of your orange T-shirt before my eyes through webcast, I couldn't stop tears welling up in my eyes, only because that you are the King of Orc, and you regained your Crown of WCG which lost for years.

As one of your faithful fans, you led me into the world of Warcraft3, you are the pillar of strength for me when I suffered successive loses and you always give me new ideas of the game to keep me happy and keep me on edge. The reason I choose the replay to be my favorite one had little to do with the strategy or micro-controlling, instead, this replay arouses all my passions inside my body, toward my king, toward my Warcraft. At last, GL grubby, sincerely.

Replay File:

#2 ROnan Larkin:
It’ s like trying to pick a grain of sand on a beach. An endless number of them. Some shinier than others, some unnoticed and yet as brilliant. But people like stories. I like stories. That’s why, taking the risk of the unoriginality and cliché prize, I went for the glittering.
Avoiding, bootlicking - and had Moon held the same contest, he would have got the same answer -the WCG 2008 Grand Final was one of the best Warcraft III moments ; and I’ll tell you why.
The very core of the question raises the philosophical “what’s a good replay ?” . A last minute saving invisible spell, a wisp surround do provide excitement, they’re real turn-on to any fan. Creativity, risk-taking, magic moves. But in the end, what will we remember ? I’ll remember the story beyond the encounter that day. In sports and elsewhere, that’s what build legends.
This final was made of that rare wood. I’ve always found it hard to talk about e-sports History with the noble connotation of the word, but no second thoughts, it was. The two most recognized TFT players, the WCG finals. What else could one ask for ? Once fierce rivals, then teammates, on opposite sides once again. Those two kids fighting on Korean TV back in 2004 have won everything since, but had vanished. Two young men still at the very best level took their place. Sure, you could deny the rivalry bit, but the shared joy, the beam of light on your face after the WEG 2006 win betrays you. Grubby – Moon has always been something special. Like Connors and McEnroe, when both met, you supported one or the other; but take a side for God’s Sake. Moreover, at the time, some felt you both weren’t enjoying that total domination that used to be yours back in the old days. It was a matter of pride for each of you to take that one home (plus Moon missing a WCG title).
Out of the great games, I picked number 2 on Secret Valley. Game 1 was about raiding the elf base, Game 3 was of course fireworks for you, and the worst but so touching black hole feeling for Moon. He collapsed a bit under pressure on TM.
But Game 2 was the core of the encounter. Right before, Moon has a psychological advantage. Right after, It’s the other way around. That game turned the match. I would lie saying It’s the most brilliant piece of Warcraft I’ve ever seen entertainment wise. An early archer-kill advantage, a few nice surrounds, and Moon seeming to always recover until the end, even with only his tri-hero left. A nice game ; But it meant so much more to all the community.
To all the scepticals, to the “Warcraft III is dying” believers you both gave the best reply; to fans, a waking dream. It was like, the ideal ambassadors of the game had arranged a final match. After it, Warcraft III could have just died.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

More give-aways added to "Favourite Grubby Replay" contest!

Good news to participants! Because there are many good entries for favourite Grubby replay contest, we decided to add more give-aways:

1st prize giveaway: Grubby's old 4Kings T-shirt, Christmas Card and laminated Grubby bookmark.
2nd prize giveaway: WCG 2005 SEC gaming T-shirt, Christmas Card and laminated Grubby bookmark.
3rd to 12th prize give-away: A Christmas card (Best wishes from Grubby for the festive season!), accompanied by a laminated Grubby bookmark.
(Pictures of the gaming T-shirts/souvenirs:

WCG 2005 Samsung Euro Championship T-Shirt (Back) This T-shirt is signed 4K.Grubby because he signed it 4 years ago and we found this in our closet recently. Second prize of "Favourite Grubby replay" contest

Christmas card, best wishes from Grubby for the festive season! (Accompanied by a laminated Grubby bookmark)
1st - 12th prize

Laminated Grubby bookmarks, autographed at the back. (to go with the Christmas cards)
1st prize - 12th prize

Thanks to all for participating so far. We wish we can give everyone a prize. We are paying for all the postage costs ourselves so this is the best we can do for now. If you don't get any gaming souvenirs this contest, don't worry, because we plan to do many more of these activities in the near future. Grubby has put aside lots of other gaming T-shirts/souvenirs from his home to be given away.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their support, this contest will end in 3 days, on Sunday 6th Dec. We will announce the winners at 6pm CET. Good luck guys!! :)

Submit your entries here:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Autographed old 4Kings Jersey give-away!

Hey peeps,

Grubby is giving out his old 4Kings Team Jersey!

Grubby's old 4Kings Team shirt - Front

Grubby's old 4Kings Team Jersey - back, autographed by Grubby.

Here's how you can win the 4Kings Jersey:

1) You have to be a fan of Grubby page on Facebook.
2) Tell us your favourite Grubby replay and why (in no less than 50 words, not more than 500 words.) Provide a link to the replay if you can. The replay can be from any patch.
3) This contest is international and open for all. We will send the 4Kings T-shirt to your address by post.
4) Submit your entries to the Grubby page Wall entry in a comment. All comments/entries will be read by Grubby himself.
5) The winner will be decided by this Sunday 6th December 2009.

6)All entries should be written in the comment on this page:

Grubby page on Facebook:

Grubby's old 4Kings Team Jersey give-away:

Grubby gives back to fans:
There will be more souvenirs/articles/gaming T-shirts (from Grubby's home) to be given away to fans. We would like to give all these to fans before Grubby's retirement from progaming (whenever that may be), so do expect a lot more of such activities going on at Grubby page on Facebook! Come and join in the fun, and perhaps win some Grubby souvenirs!