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Monday, March 23, 2009

KaoS Contingency WC3 & CounterStrike Tourney

Dear readers,

Politeness demands I write this in English, but it really only concerns Dutch gamers... or perhaps enthusiastic Belgian, German or Luxembourgian gamers :)

Have a look at these links: <= sign-ups <=mainpage

KaoS is an organisation which is opening a new Gaming Center in Netherlands in the city of Weesp (googlemap to find out exactly where). They're going to be hosting an opening tournament on May 9 & 10 with competitions of Warcraft III & Counterstrike Source.

Tournament information:
Game: Counterstrike: Source
Date: 9 May
Prizepurse: 1000 Euro*
Maximum contestants: 16

Game: Warcraft 3
Date: 10 May
Prizepurse: 750 Euro*
Maximum contestants: 32

The sign-up fee for a WC3 participant is 30 euros. If I have time I will definitely go there myself. New tournaments are always good news so the news deserves to be spread.