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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Streaming concluded

Sorry to everyone, thought that chat was off. It probably was, until I had to restart cuz of disconnect... and it's ON on default.

As for the games, I'll leave them for on-demand viewing, so that you can watch them again.

In game 1, I play against gS.FM-Fischieee with only 1 hand, as HU vs ORC. My SteelSeries Ikari never made so many actions per minute, I think ^^ at the end of the game, my right hand felt really overworked.

In game 2, I play against "Running" from Russia on Ancient Isles. I picked a 70% handicap, playing as Undead against Human.

You can watch them now because I put it live at 20:08 so it will run for about 40 minutes, both matches in a row until 20:48.

You can also find it in the on-demand library at and then pressing "On demand" below the channel window. It's called "1 hand and 70% 29 July".

HF hopefully!