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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WCG wc3 Groups Drawn

Today is 21 October. You know what that means? I know what it means. You wanna know what it means? I'm gonna tell you what it means.

Double You See Gee Group Drawing!!

Yep that's right ladies and gents, at 3PM GMT+9 (8 AM GMT+2 / CET), the groups of WCG 2009 Grand Finals were drawn for Warcraft 3. I woke up early to watch it live. And I'm gonna be the first to report what the groups are like (since I haven't seen any news on sites yet :D). Here's my group.

Group C:
1. Manuel Schenkhuizen (Grubby)
2. Tomasz Pilipiuk (TeRRoR)
3. Yap Tong Lian (Serry)
4. Jun-You Wu (Ferfe)
5. Du-Seop Chang (WhO)

I like it a lot! Not so easy, which means I will be made sharp right from the beginning. Let the games begin. (Ok in 20 days)