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Friday, September 25, 2009

So because I'm not from Singapore, unlike some people, I have to get Visa every time I go to China. Luckily, the process of applying for visa for China is extremely simple. It's basically just a matter of filling in a few forms and paying the price and I can get it like that.

The only downside is that I'd have to travel about 2 hours, leave at 7 or 8 AM in the morning, wait for 2 hours at the embassy and travel 2 hours back. That would eat up almost about half a day of practice, something which I usually can't afford to lose when I'm preparing for a tournament in china :D So this time, like last time, I hired the services of a Visum Application Service company. Paying a small amount of money, I can save on the costs of 2 tram tickets, 2 train tickets and more importantly save myself the time to practice.

Yesterday they delivered my passport, but I slept right through the door bell. Unfortunately that meant I had to go pick it up today. Fortunately I applied enough in advance to have that kind of leeway, so that my flight to China does not come into jeopardy.

The schedule for IEM has been released, and it looks as follows:

Thursday, October 1:
  • Group A
  • Group B
Friday, October 2:
  • Group C
  • Group D
  • Quarter Finals 1
  • Quarter Finals 2
Saturday, October 3:
  • Quarter Finals 3
  • Quarter Finals 4
  • Semi Finals 1
  • Semi Finals 2
  • 3rd Place Decider
  • Finals
I'm in group D with Infi & ReMinD. Everything's BO3, maps are TS TR TM EI SV AI MV. Play-offs is Single Elimination. The opponents are TeD, Focus, Lyn, Fly, Moon, Check, Remind, TH000, Sky, Infi and DemusliM. I've practiced the most against Human I think, followed by Orc, then Elf, then Undead. The reason I didn't play Elf as much, is because I was still in good shape for Elf after BlizzCon. But Human needed more working on, and also Orc mirror is a match-up that always requires a lot of practice for timings and so on.

Well, we've prepared as best as we can for Chengdu's spicy cuisine. Been eating spicy at home to get adjusted to it, and cassandra also got a lot of food supplies like healthy cookies, chocolate breads, just things to keep me alive if there's nothing else to eat :)!

That's all for now, going into the last day at home,