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Monday, March 23, 2009

XFire so far: 2v2 & 1v1 vs Sonik

So far I've streamed the 2v2 vs iGc without a problem, maybe 1 or 2 spikes in the whole game. I don't know what's responsible for that. As for my series against PornoSonik, I actually had no problem in game 1 but in game 2 it was quite spiky. So unfortunately I had to close it down. As a "I-make-it-up-to-you" (in the absence of bonbon chocolates), I watched the replays of g2 & g3 with everyone who was watching.

Although I'm afraid that may have gone quite too fast to follow with any kind of satisfaction for anyone who hadn't seen the game yet :)

As always the replays are of course on-line by the hardworking staff of ESL. BTW, ESL seems to have a new Wc3 admin, namely WC3L.Crucy. He's doing a fine job so far, let's all welcome him :p Maybe you can leave him a comment on Yes, I am trying to stimulate the scene, so what =) good admins improve everyone's experience, I think! That's really what I like about WC3L & NGL though, there are always enough admins who usually without any personal gain are trying to make everything run smoothly. At least I have very dear memories of my entire WC3L & NGL playing career. They are kind of the red line through all of eSports progaming for Warcraft III.

Happy is 1-0 up against Bly, and is probably playing Game 2 now. Sonik is waiting for Happy and I am waiting for Bly. I will try to stream my series against Bly once more, so for all who are waiting, more will (probably) come! :)