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Friday, May 1, 2009

Arriving in Incheon - Arriving in Cheonan

Hey everyone,

There was a minor delay on my first flight today, so I was worried I wouldn't be making it in time for my connection. Luckily it was only half an hour so it was no problem to make it, and I also think that they inform the connections of such delays.

I brought 3 books on this trip, and already quite quickly wondered if that's been a mistake; I nearly finished the first one. Well, I guess I'll be doing most reading on the airplanes back and forth. That's also the main reason why, to the surprise of many non-gaming friends/family, I usually don't mind long travels at all :-) althoug I must say today's travel was extremely exhausting; no whining just the truth. It's fine really and i dont mind much, because I've slept some on the way.

The book I'm reading now, I think, is so funny and rich in imagination. It's called Mothership, author John Brosnan.

I've brought 140 mb of replays to study when I've got any time. Now it's 1:32 AM Korean Time; and I'll be hitting the sack soon. I've been told that tomorrow there will be the opening ceremony, and they've also decided to move the Korean Qualifier forward. So around afternoon in Europe, and in the morning in USA already, we should know who will be the last 2 extra Korean players to join ESWC Cheonan. Any time I got I'll be looking at replays, hehe.

There was not much to eat around here when we arrived (23.30), only one eating bar/café with fried chicken, so I went for it. It fills the stomach pretty ok. Hope to find some Korean food tomorrow! &_&

Good night all and talk to you later,