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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ciara's blog: Season 7 and EPS.SCA

Hello Peps!

So around 3-4 PM today i gave up on season 7 ladder after getting sniped 3 time by the same orc player, (who i suspect to be lucifron).
Really kind of disappointed by the way people are playing season ladder, specially thoes helping out teammates to make it to lan over someone more qualified to do so, seeing as he could do it on his OWN AND DIDNT NEED HELP, not saying i could make it lan alone, but was rank 4 or so with only like 2 days to go.
but after getting sniped a few times i totally gave up. guess i should explain what sniping means ( when a high level player get hold of a low level account and use it to take experience from other top level players, practually the high level guy got nothing to win, and everything to lose when facing a lower level)

not to sure who got into the top 6 yet, but pretty sure grubby and demuslim did, thoes two (.....)

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