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Monday, April 27, 2009

Grubby vs Remind in NGL ONE

ReMinD 17:00 CET

Remind's had a very strong run recently, winning 8 out of his last 10 matches.
He's a player with strong micro and precise play style. I'll have to bring my best game to beat him.

Unfortunately I lost 0/2. In game 1 I had a bit too few grunts because of setting different priorities, and losing 1 grunt. I was completely geared towards fending off harassment, but all he did was creeping. It gave him better hero levels than me which is fatal.

In game 2 my peon didn't scout his base properly so I was misjudging his position for a bit. I was also left behind creeping-wise since he picked up the Rock Golem 6 @ merc camp before I arrived. It's just really stupid by me... Ironic that when I thought my micro is very good, that I make errors in decision making and scouting. Never really entered a fair fight because I was too fair behind, so nothing much micro could do =(