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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Unfair changes in NGL Scoreboard

There are 24 players in NGL ONE. It's a round-robin system to determine the Top-8 that gets to go to the offline playoffs. So each player has to play 23 matches.

On July 29, HoT got too many penalty points and was disqualified. At this point, HoT had already played 21 out of 23 matches.

NGL resetted all of HoT's scores, giving everyone a 2-0 default win against him.

This is how the scoreboard was affected:

I don't think it's fair that people who lost to HoT get their loss converted into a win. The season is nearly over. It would be much more fair and logical to simply give the last 2 players a free-win over HoT. Just leave the other results alone. People worked hard for their wins against HoT in the whole season: that effort is now being punished.

When WinNers was disqualified, I already didn't think it was fair that everyone got 2-0, even if they lost to him. About 18 matches had been played, so we were about 80% of the way into the season.

Now that the same happened with HoT with already 21 matches being played, I think it's ridiculous. People who had no chance to qualify anymore suddenly have a chance. Other people who were 100% sure qualified already, suddenly are in danger. All through no doing of their own.

The net change for anyone who won against HoT is 0.
The net change for someone who lost to HoT is +2 points. Their loss (-1 point) gets converted into a win (+1 point).

The people who lost to HoT are being rewarded with points. Whereas the people who won HoT are being punished by going down in ranks.

I do not think that NGL's decision is fair. The season was nearly over and there was no need to reset everyone's score. HoT has played 21 matches, and all of HoT's opponents had put in time and effort to play their best in those games.

What do you guys think about this? What's most fair for the majority of the players? Please vote in the poll on what you think is the right decision for NGL on how to treat the score table. Hopefully NGL would change their mind if the majority of the community votes on the 2nd option.

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