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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BlizzCon Discussion Place

Hi guys,

I'm going to Anaheim in less than 12 hours now. The Tournament will start on 21st and end on 22nd of August. I'm not sure but it probably starts around noon US West time. That's CEST-9, so if you're from the Netherlands like me, it's 9 hours earlier there. So you should be able to follow it on the Blizzard streams at like 9 PM those days.

As for the tournament itself, I didn't accept any interviews / do any blogs recently. Nothing to say, only that I will let my actions speak for me.

I can keep this factual... the tournament system is going to be a Double Elimination with Best of Three matches. The seedings are as follows:
1. Lyn (#1 Asia)
2. LucifroN (#1 Europe)
3. Longwalk (#1 America)
4. Grubby (#2 Europe)
5. Sonkie (#2 America)
6. Shy (#2 Asia)
7. SocceR (#3 Asia)
8. Nicker (#3 Europe)

So as you can see, they rated the #1 for each realm as top 3 seeds, with Asia, Europe and then America in descending order. For the #2 of each realm, they did it in reverse: first America, then Europe, then Asia. The #3 placings were reversed once again, with SocceR and then finally Nicker.

The fixings are then as follows:

Upper half:
A. Lyn vs Nicker
B. Grubby vs SonKiE

Winner of A meets winner of B.
Loser of A meets loser of B.

Lower half:
C. Longwalk vs Shy
D. LucifroN vs Soccer

Winner of C meets winner of D.
Loser of C meets loser of C.

Losers of WB R2 will find themselves in reversed Loser Bracket, meeting someone from the other half of the bracket who also has 1W, 1L. Hope that's clear enough.

Feel free to discuss the tournament progress here with other visitors and/or cheer me on, always gives me energy :)