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Monday, November 23, 2009

EPS Benelux

Hey guys,

Today, tomorrow, wednesday and thursday I'll be playing all of my EPS matches for EPS Benelux. The finals will be on friday at a LAN called "HME". It stands for "The multimedia event", and it will be held in the Jaarbeurs (an exhibition hall) in Utrecht. Alongside the ESL stand that will be there for the EPS matches, there's always lots to do. It coincides with the "hcc-dagen", which means you'll be able to buy plenty of hardware stuff all around from booths set up by not only Dutch people but also Germans from over the border.

I should be able to qualify and finally get to play a LAN really close to my house once again, namely about 6 km. That's a big change compared to the last LAN I was at, IEST, which is about 8500 km away hehe :D

Here's the link to the homepage of EPS Benelux: