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Monday, March 23, 2009

5-0 vs nGt

So it seems people really enjoyed the stream from what I've heard! Main problem was: not enough viewer capacity. Maybe you can go to and let them know you'd wish for higher caps or something :)

We won the clanwar 5-0 which is a great result for us, and momentarily puts us on #1 leaderboard! When you are rank #1 for the time being in the online season, your logo will be displayed and it will link to your website. Normally that's a nice extra bonus, but our team name is MYM there and we aren't really MYM anymore. Moreover, no one is working on anymore and it's not really ours too. Right now we don't know what's going to happen with that but we hope that everything will be ok and we will have a stable team to play WC3L and do everything else with.

Happy just did what he had to and 2-0 both his opponents quite convincingly. I dropped a map against sonik in g1, because I misjudged the strategy he'd be going for (or perhaps he adapted to mine). In game 2 against bly, I wanted to go for a quick finish but I shouldn't have tried anymore when I saw his DK was level 3 ( shouldn't have let him creep goblinshop so freely in the first place...)

And for now: a starved Grubby wishes to eat some food... didn't eat much today, cuz I don't wanna have a full stomach on a clanwar, but since it lasted 4 hours (the cw), it means my appetite became huge. So we're going to cook together now, probably chicken curry.