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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy's second blog

Happy wrote his second blog - which is quite a long blog by the way - about getting visa for South Korea and also about his games from the clanwar against Wicked.

Hello everyone, this is my second blog, and it will be much longer than the previous one! In this blog i will tell what just happend in previous few days and what is gonna happen in next two weeks!

So, week began from me with sleepless night because i had to leave home early to visit Korean Embassy (i prefer to not sleep whole night than go sleep early and wake up early so wasnt any difficult for me). I left at 7 AM or something like this and gladly, i passed the usual crowd in the Moscow Underground (in the morning its crowded to hell, that u hardly can go into the train, because everyone is going to center of Moscow). I arrived like half of hour before the embassy opened so i just walked around to breathe some fresh air :D. Well, when it opened i was first one to give my application, but unfortunately they said since im not employed or studying officially (i doubt writing my job as a PRO-GAMER would make it look good :P) so they asked me to bring some paper showing if i was ever employed/studying anywhere. That made me kinda angry because i usually never got told anything like this. Since the embassy was opened for accepting applications only from 9 to 12 AM, i needed to go home and come back, but though the road from home to embassy without being rushed was little bit more than one hour. Considering that i wasnt feeling myself filled with power (i actually was about to fall asleep :D) It was pretty hard sprint running for me, however everything went fine and my application was accepted. After i paid them the fee for visa (30$) i left for home, when i came here feeling good i fell asleep till 8 PM or something like this. Same day ive got my new devices from SteelSeries - ive tried it.....
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