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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Evil Geniuses 5-0 against WickeD

Great news guys. We won 5-0!! What..? Oh? you already knew? Well it's still great! :D

I'm glad we won our first match under EG tag! That should make Intel, SteelSeries, Peregrine, Kingston, Nuclear Fallout Servers, Divo Networks ( happy! And reason for EG to not kick us right away... xD

And now, as usual, I missed my lunch, so I'm pretty hungry - off to the kitchen to find some grilled chicken/potato which Cassandra left for me. And afterwards.. probably play some Season 7 and answer queries of users here. It's taking increasingly much time to read everyone's comment, reply to everyone and so on, but it's really fun so I'll try. Don't shoot me if I missed your comment =) I pretty much tend to read everything of course.

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