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Friday, April 24, 2009

Good luck in the army, JLS!

Hey everyone,

JustLittleStar is a long-time fan of 4Kings and its players, and fan of wherever they went. And now I consider him a friend. He will be going into the army tomorrow. (Read his comment in my blog of "Evil Geniuses 5-0 against Colorful"). The conscription law in the Netherlands was abolished about 15 years ago, if memory serves correctly. It made it so none of my brothers and me had to go into the army unless we wanted to. I have very little to say about it, because I have no idea about what it's like. So I'll keep it short and say that I hope I will be seeing more of you.

And I'd just like to wish you (JustLittleStar) the best of times, and luck, and so forth. :)