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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grubby's interview at After MYM dropped their Wc3 squad, and SC squad, what was your initial reaction?
Grubby: I was shocked that MYM could make such a big mistake to drop the WC3 team without further negotiations, and after investing so heavily into it for years. Or in my case - for a year. Generally I don't think a team should pick me up and keep me for only a year, just when we're trying to build up something together. But things don't always turn out as planned.
I felt that ESNation dropping Starcraft showed that they have no interest in the future of eSports and continuing in it. Having a Starcraft team right now probably implies that you are prepping a team for Starcraft II. Outside of Korea Starcraft isn't that big anymore, so it's usually for that reason I guess. I felt bad for the MYM SC guys that I met, though, because I like them a lot. Are you interested in becoming the next Fatal1ty? Making yourself into a Brand, with Grubby mice, headsets, keyboards, etc?
Grubby: If I have the opportunity, I would love to do that. It's always been my dream to do so. I respect Fatal1ty a lot and what he's accomplished, so definitely. Have you tried to approach companies like Steel Series or Intel about doing that?
Grubby: I believe when the time is right, it will happen. Aside from the WC3L season, what do you have planned for the immediate future?
Grubby: ESWC Korea is confirmed for me. Additionally I'm playing the NGL Season 6 which would have me go to the LAN Finals hopefully. Moreover I hope very much that there's a chance I go to eStars and Blizzcon through Season7 ladder. With all the conflict with teams dropping players, what is your opinion on Moon' new contract with WMF for 16K euro per month?
Grubby: Moon is an internationally acclaimed top eSports player. His worth is as high as someone is willing to pay for it. We cannot look inside Moon's or WMF's pockets or heads. Actually I'd sooner congratulate Moon on such a great deal than begrudge him for it =)
Having said that, it's a very high salary and if it's true then I think he doesn't have to win much tournaments to make a living. But is he capable of it? I should think so, yeah. If he finds the proper motivation, he can be very good again.

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