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Saturday, April 18, 2009

EG has such a scary Logo, don't you think?

I spoke to my mother on the phone yesterday, to guide her through some PC problems. She's been becoming increasingly independent and knowledgeable (I used to think mothers are hopeless) and sometimes she surprises me positively. For example: it was my mother that told me, "if you don't like SK's new formatting, why don't you just change it back to white?" And I'm like, taking a deep sigh, and saying, "no, mom, they changed it to black. I know it sucks for reading stuff, but you can't just change it back." And my mom was like "Yes you can, you just press the black A on white background at the top of the page." And I'm like, "......" What the hell! I never taught her that! :D

So while we were talking through some things, she mentioned that she thinks the EG logo is rather scary. (...)

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