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Friday, April 17, 2009

Grubby and Alex answers a few questions on

fragster: What made you think that Team EG is the right organization for you and your team mates?

Manuel Schenkhuizen: Let's be simplistic. I've talked many times with Alex Garfield, the CEO, and I think he's a very competent manager. We've got a great website. I'm able to come with my whole team (I'm loyal to my team, man!), and we've got the backing of great sponsors, namely Intel, SteelSeries, Peregrine, Kingston HyperX, NuclearFallout Servers, Ever since first talking to Alex, I've had a really good feeling about this possibility. And now that the possibility has come to truth, I couldn't be more happy.

Alex, lots of people saw eSports getting in trouble with teams and clans breaking down. How come that you are able to get such top tier players?

Alex Garfield: Well, I think that EG is first of all very fortunate because of having partners in Intel, SteelSeries, Peregrine, and Kingston that are both loyal and dedicated to our organization. We all feel very blessed. At the same time, I think that we've also been able to retain these partners because we think of execute, creative, innovative ways to provide them with marketing value. They wouldn't be supporting us if it weren't worth the expense, so I believe that is to our credit.

At the end of the day, I think that in eSports you must show your partners that the return on investment offered to them via sponsorship is better, and more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. You don't want to be viewed as experimental marketing by your partners, because if that happens, you'll be the first item on the list cut if there's a budget crunch. I think that we've been able to establish EG as a brand that offers really valuable return on investment for its sponsors.

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