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Friday, April 10, 2009

Whip and Bo5's


For the people who understand German, here's Leon's feature interview for his stay at Schenhkuizen residence :)

Leon's Interview

Best fight today:
Power of the Whip @ MyBrute

Rofl, when I was losing I was like "NO OOOOO GRUBTOR!! GET THE WHIP! YEAH BABY!"

Anyway! Like Leon said in the interview ( I hope it gets translated to later, but maybe not hehe), we're playing BO5's everyday. Like one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. It's really much more fun and better than playing on-line because neither of us can make excuses "oh shit I gotta go to eat now" or "my mom troubling me" - this happens quite a lot in CG's usually because everyone's lives go on, hehe.

Moreover we get instant feedback from every game we play - funny situations, special games, being shocked when you get creepjacked. And we can discuss our thoughts after and before games.

What's different from these BO5's, and the usual practice, is that now we really want to win because we put our honour at stake. Normally you may play 10x the same strat to practice it (we do that too), but now we're trying to outsmart each other. It creates such entertaining games..

So far I still won all but Leon is doing better and taking maps off me now. Too bad he's going home tomorrow but I'm sure we can do this again some time =)