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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mystery Guest: Leon Magnus Helmut

The mystery guest is mTw.Leon! Indeed it may be a surprise to some people but actually we're very friendly and we practice together very frequently. I invited him to come visit me and play together some a couple of times, and now that S7 started it also seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Soooo, I got up INHUMANLY early (9:52 AM to be exact) to pick up Leon from the train station in Utrecht Centraal. We missed each other for a bit and his phone didn't work, but eventually we ran into each other. We went to my house and I showed him his room, which was acceptable for him.

After that, we set up our laptop and 17" CRT screen for him. We had lunch (Cassandra cooked noodles soup) and then we went to the city of Gouda for the afternoon (famous from the "Gouda cheese", except the name is not copyrighted so any Gouda cheese you have is probably not really from Gouda). I had an appointment with an ear doctor to find out whether they knew what ailed me for a long time now... test result in a week, though.

After that, we got into a bit of a traffic jam on our way back, and we talked about Infi vs FoCuS (2:0) and so on, some other matches. When we got back, we were hungry again and I dished out the Dutch bread and we attacked our plates with a fervor. During this ("2nd lunch"), I got out my Sun Tzu's Art of War book and Leon and I discussed some ancient strategies coming into use in a modern digital warfare :P

We quickly headed up at 18:00 to get some warming-up for Leon's EPS game at 19:30 against TryDying. We played the maps he's likely going to be playing and we talked a bit about it. He is taking the match quite seriously. TryDying is a good player and they've been in the same team together, so they must be each other's match.

It's 19:17 now and he'll be playing soon while I will be watching or playing by myself.

Enjoy all the EPS games (that start in 11 minutes!)