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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bootcamp with Leon

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die! (Or is it: I'm blue, i'm in need of a guy!)

Once you hear it - you can never UNhear it :( GL hf enjoying this song now....

Anyway! The Leon - Grubby bootcamp! Well it's not so much a bootcamp really, as just us having fun. We're playing games and watching each other sometimes. He helped Happy and me practice 2v2 earlier today and at the same time we also played some 1v1's. You should be looking out for a comment from Leon on my blog soon. Whatever he's gonna say, it's 100% true (not figurative speech, really true).

Like I said in my statement, tomorrow is going to be make-it or break-it day for top 2 direct Play-offs I think. We Are Go passed us today by getting a superb 5-0 against Wicked, and ended up on first rank. With nGize doing so well consistently (both nGize and Go didn't lose a CW yet) - that means anyone else trying to get Top 2 (like us) will have an incredibly hard time. Looking forward to the match tomorrow with a sense of anticipation, pleasure and excitement. This is what I do for a living! It's fucking awesome no matter what!

My internet seems more stable... maybe I will soon start to play the Tournament ladder, as I'm far behind, and I would need to catch up. It doesn't look that hard, though, some ppl got insane stats.