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Saturday, April 4, 2009

First real spring day... and the first LAN event in sight!

Today was a hot day! It came to like 24 degrees Celsius during the day. We actually spent our very first day since we lived here, in the garden! I invited my brother and his girlfriend and we all had a drink ( to celebrate the NGL wi-... the good weather). Afterwards we ate together and I had a meeting with my teammates to discuss our future.

We also made the line-up for our next clanwar which will be against aTTaX. Happy will be playing against Sting and LucifroN next in NGL - really tough for an UD to play online against Orcs, but I believe he can do it! He just needs to believe in himself again and then he could have a really strong match-up against Orc. I'm telling you, as soon as he'll win one game it'll be snowballing :) Break the cycle!

Ciara's looking to go to EPS.Scandinavia at 25th of April. He'll have a tough starting match in meeting LiiLD.C. in a Single Elimination Bo5 format. Historically he's had a strong match-up against Night Elf. But LiiLD.C. is really on the rise lately. I like both and both are good so it's hard to make a prediction, and I won't, but may the best win! If Ciara does win, I think he can win the whole event (other opponents aren't to be trifled with - Bringer and DowaQ,... but Ciara is more experienced!)

As far as LAN's go, Happy and me hopefully can go to ESWC Korea as we're on the invite list, but there's the question of travel costs... I've paid for my own travel before in situations where there was no one to reimburse it, such as in 4K when we had financial problems in the end. But it's not ideal, and it's a risk.

What we really all need is an organisation who sees value in us and is willing to support us. Hopefully we will find this - so that we may attend the events that we could have a shot at winning at.

And now for a meaningful quote to show that I have a deep personality, while at the same time displaying a shameful shallowness since I didn't actually make it up myself:

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.

Amen to that!