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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hard beds, Lunch, Dinner with mayor

The bed is hard, the towel is small and there is no shampoo. I guess you should always be prepared when you travel, even to very well off countries like Korea. You never know if you're gonna miss something, and I guess we forgot our shampoo :) at least we got free wi-fi internet (the best, because both me and my manager got our laptop on this trip - so we don't have to share a PC and I can watch replays/read news any time as well).

It's funny when you travel really a lot every year, there's something you may forget, maybe not every time, but every other time. In a way, that's also the charm of it.

The worst part I guess is the bed, I'm quite used to softer beds and in China and Korea the bed can be quite hard sometimes. That's ok if you're used to sleeping on your back (maybe better, even) but I usually sleep on my side and then it doesn't support your skeleton very well, like your spine and neck and so on. And since I'm quite a lean guy, I don't have much meat to cushion myself :P

As a result, my neck hurts a lot and I can hardly turn it sideways... LUCKILY, the screen is always in front of me so I got no problem.

As for the schedule, I heard there are some changes. I never fully trust what I hear about schedules because there may be changes. So I'm like water in that regard as well, just go with the flow. Now I heard we'll already be playing on May 3rd (not 4th), in the evening, after the Korean Qualifiers finish. And the Korean Qualifiers got extended to encompass 2 days (starting today, in like 1 hour.. which is 6:30 AM Dutch Time) and finishing tomorrow morning/afternoon.

Groups will be announced later today I heard, which means evening probably. Which means afternoon Dutch Time (CEST).


Now we're going to have some lunch and at 15:30 KST we'll be gathering up for a bus. About half of all players will attend the opening ceremony with Korean pop star performances, and about half of the players will attend a privileged banquet with the Mayor of Cheonan. Nicker, Happy, Cassandra and me will be going to the Mayor's dinner party because we arrived yesterday (that's how they separated it).

So long, until next time!