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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Making good on quiet time

Hiya all,

Here's my new blog at myEG, just a tiny update


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bid for a Warcraft III lesson with Grubby, Happy or Ciara!

Great news for passionate fans! Now you can bid on a Warcraft III lesson with your points on Let a master of the game give you the best tips and improve your game play - What's better to improve at the game than a lesson with the EG Warcraft III Masters - Grubby, Happy and Ciara?

Now the question is "How do you earn those points that can be used for the auctions?"
Answer: Just take part in the "Match Predictions" in Whenever a player or team of EG has an upcoming match, it will be posted there at least one or two days in advance. Just keep checking back! :) When the team you chooses wins, you win points, but when you guess wrong, you don't lose any points either! You can also earn points by being active in posting comments in Articles, Blogs and Forums.

Bid on the Warcraft III lessons with your favourite EG Warcraft III player HERE!

Note: GOMtv - Grubby vs Moon VODs are out! In one of GenoZStriker's latest articles, read about the VODs, links and more!

Sunday, June 7, 2009



And then: ENJOY! Here's the line-up & matchlink:

1on1: Twisted Meadows, Ancient Isles, Secret Valley
Grubby 1
: 2
1on1: Ancient Isle,
RotterdaM 2
: 0
1on1: Secret Valley, Twisted Meadows
Grubby 2
: 0
1on1: Echo Isles, Turtle Rock
RotterdaM 0
: 2
2on2: Gnoll Wood, Lost Temple, Turtle Rock
RotterdaM, Grubby 2
: 1
NightEnD, Kramer

Sizzling Saturday and upcoming Mirror Weekend

Hey guys, is still taking feedback and criticism to improve the useability of the site. I guess one aspect is the ease (or difficulty) with which you can find some of the content that the page's got to offer.

With that in mind, it doesn't hurt to link to some nice articles now and then, and here's one for example previewing the sizzling saturday Happy and me just rounded off.


Ciara's picked up a win against the reigning ENC champion, Germany, and EG conducted an interview with the man himself at:


There'll be a post-match statement up soon on regarding my match against Moon in GOMtv. For the rest I can look back with satisfaction on sturdy practice giving rewards. As usual there are certain areas where I need to improve a lot if I want to be consistent in victories (and I do!! :). I wasn't happy with Game 2 for example, some of the decisions I made. And while Game 1 was perfectly played by me, I wouldn't expect another game to go exactly the same there, so I must continue to work on new plays.

Next matches I got will be against Lyn in GOMtv (13 June) and Fly in NGL ONE(14 June). Tough nuts to crack but I'll bring the biggest nutcracker I can find!


Monday, June 1, 2009

The ENC dream of Netherlands!