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Thursday, April 30, 2009

ESWC Korea

Hey everybody. Been busy with getting myself ready for ESWC Korea. Haven't traveled for a while now (not sure if I still know how to do so). Wrote a little blog on the details of ESWC Korea which will be happening from May 2 to May 5. Well, I'll be playing May 4 & 5, but there's opening ceremony and so on.

EG.Happy will be going as well! Hopefully we're not in the same group ;)

My blog on ESWC Korea:

Alright now it's off to pack some more, and squeeze in some replay study, and possibly some sleep ;) (although the flight might be good for sleep too)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WC3L rankings analysis - Season almost over

I was just taking a look at the WC3L rankings (WC3L Rankings) and took to analysing the current situation.

If you're interested, read my blog on EG !!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grubby vs Remind in NGL ONE

ReMinD 17:00 CET

Remind's had a very strong run recently, winning 8 out of his last 10 matches.
He's a player with strong micro and precise play style. I'll have to bring my best game to beat him.

Unfortunately I lost 0/2. In game 1 I had a bit too few grunts because of setting different priorities, and losing 1 grunt. I was completely geared towards fending off harassment, but all he did was creeping. It gave him better hero levels than me which is fatal.

In game 2 my peon didn't scout his base properly so I was misjudging his position for a bit. I was also left behind creeping-wise since he picked up the Rock Golem 6 @ merc camp before I arrived. It's just really stupid by me... Ironic that when I thought my micro is very good, that I make errors in decision making and scouting. Never really entered a fair fight because I was too fair behind, so nothing much micro could do =(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

/QRY GRUBBY @ ESL TV starting 19:00 (now!)

For those who missed the LIVE stream, here's the VOD:
(This free VOD is in low quality, if you would like to watch it in high quality, you will need to sign up for ESL's premium service.)


Shy in NGL

I'll be facing Shy in NGL a few hours before Happy will be playing Fly in NGL. I play at 16:00 CET on 26th of April.

Shy is a player with a pretty good standard. I lost to him in KODE5 LAN finals, beat him in Warcraft 3 WorldWar and probably some online results. In WC3L, Shy just lost 0/2 to LucifroN. But in NGL Shy's beaten Lyn 2/1 and Fly 2/0. It's my intent to be the first Orc that beats him in NGL!

Doing some last-minute practicing now and then I'll have a sleep and get up fresh, warm up and hopefully play according to my best shape.

For my post-game analysis, read my blog on EG!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ciara's blog: Season 7 and EPS.SCA

Hello Peps!

So around 3-4 PM today i gave up on season 7 ladder after getting sniped 3 time by the same orc player, (who i suspect to be lucifron).
Really kind of disappointed by the way people are playing season ladder, specially thoes helping out teammates to make it to lan over someone more qualified to do so, seeing as he could do it on his OWN AND DIDNT NEED HELP, not saying i could make it lan alone, but was rank 4 or so with only like 2 days to go.
but after getting sniped a few times i totally gave up. guess i should explain what sniping means ( when a high level player get hold of a low level account and use it to take experience from other top level players, practually the high level guy got nothing to win, and everything to lose when facing a lower level)

not to sure who got into the top 6 yet, but pretty sure grubby and demuslim did, thoes two (.....)

Continue reading Ciara's blog at

Friday, April 24, 2009

Replay Analysis - Complete

Tired from streaming and talking nonstop :)

I'm going to read all those comments for sure! Maybe not answer them all...? (200+). Haha. Good night guys.

Get on !

It might take me an hour more or so to get everything set up, but I'm going to do that streaming replay thing soon! And celebrate ^_^

I wanna give everyone the chance to tune in, especially those users who sent in their replays. So I'll wait until 22:00

at 22:00 I start streaming replays and discussing !

Season 7 Concludes in 48 minutes - placings all but cemented?

Seed A vs Seed 6
Seed B vs Seed 5
Seed 1 vs Seed 4
Seed 2 vs Seed 3

A = Happy (1)
B = SaSe (2)
1 = LucifroN (3)
2 = Grubby (4)
3 = DeMusliM (5)
4 = NightEnd (6)
5 = ThomasG (7)
6 = Vortix (8)

That would mean Round 1 of Blizzard Europe Regional Play-offs (unless something changes):
Upper half WB:
Happy vs Vortix
Grubby vs DeMusliM

Lower half WB:
LucifroN vs NightEnd
SaSe vs ThomasG

Season 7 Ladder Ends in 54 minutes

That's a blog I wrote in relation to this ranking:

#1 LucifroN Exp: 14,875
#2 Grubby Exp: 14,737
#3 NightEnd Exp: 14,553
#4 Vortix Exp: 14,548
#5 ThomasG Exp: 14,552
#6 DeMusliM Exp: 14,478
#7 Nicker59 Exp: 14,441

Updated 19:20:
#1 LucifroN Exp: 14,875
#2 Grubby Exp: 14,737
#3 NightEnd Exp: 14,553
#4 ThomasG Exp: 14,552
#5 Vortix Exp: 14,548
#6 DeMusliM Exp: 14,510(+32)
#7 Nicker59 Exp: 14,473(+32)

Updated 19:44:
#1-5 No change
#6 DeMusliM Exp: 14,545(+35)
#7 Nicker59 Exp: 14,426(-47)

Updated 20:06:
#1 LucifroN Exp: 14,875
#2 Grubby Exp: 14,737
#3 DeMusliM Exp: 14,561 (+51)
#4 NightEnd Exp: 14,553
#5 ThomasG Exp: 14,552
#6 Vortix Exp: 14,548
#7 Nicker59 Exp: 14,343 (- a LOT)

Seems like the battle has been done..?

It seems I am out of the woods! Just a race between last 2-3 guys!

Good luck in the army, JLS!

Hey everyone,

JustLittleStar is a long-time fan of 4Kings and its players, and fan of wherever they went. And now I consider him a friend. He will be going into the army tomorrow. (Read his comment in my blog of "Evil Geniuses 5-0 against Colorful"). The conscription law in the Netherlands was abolished about 15 years ago, if memory serves correctly. It made it so none of my brothers and me had to go into the army unless we wanted to. I have very little to say about it, because I have no idea about what it's like. So I'll keep it short and say that I hope I will be seeing more of you.

And I'd just like to wish you (JustLittleStar) the best of times, and luck, and so forth. :)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Evil Geniuses 5-0 against Colorful

I'm so glad that we reached our goal of 5-0 :D I felt myself to be in a shape where I could beat anybody, and Happy seemed calm and sure of what we must do as well. So I was literally like: any host, any time, I can wait as long as you want, I can feel hungry/tired/bored, it doesn't matter. I just played every time the game was ready and I must say that it's good to get that 5-0.

2v2 was hard
Overall I would say the hardest Bo3 series of the 5 was the 2v2. (...)

To read the rest of my blog (tee hee ;), please visit

Happy's second blog

Happy wrote his second blog - which is quite a long blog by the way - about getting visa for South Korea and also about his games from the clanwar against Wicked.

Hello everyone, this is my second blog, and it will be much longer than the previous one! In this blog i will tell what just happend in previous few days and what is gonna happen in next two weeks!

So, week began from me with sleepless night because i had to leave home early to visit Korean Embassy (i prefer to not sleep whole night than go sleep early and wake up early so wasnt any difficult for me). I left at 7 AM or something like this and gladly, i passed the usual crowd in the Moscow Underground (in the morning its crowded to hell, that u hardly can go into the train, because everyone is going to center of Moscow). I arrived like half of hour before the embassy opened so i just walked around to breathe some fresh air :D. Well, when it opened i was first one to give my application, but unfortunately they said since im not employed or studying officially (i doubt writing my job as a PRO-GAMER would make it look good :P) so they asked me to bring some paper showing if i was ever employed/studying anywhere. That made me kinda angry because i usually never got told anything like this. Since the embassy was opened for accepting applications only from 9 to 12 AM, i needed to go home and come back, but though the road from home to embassy without being rushed was little bit more than one hour. Considering that i wasnt feeling myself filled with power (i actually was about to fall asleep :D) It was pretty hard sprint running for me, however everything went fine and my application was accepted. After i paid them the fee for visa (30$) i left for home, when i came here feeling good i fell asleep till 8 PM or something like this. Same day ive got my new devices from SteelSeries - ive tried it.....
To read the rest of Happy's blog, click HERE

Level 34.

Level 34.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One month anniversary

Happy anniversary to everyone who's been coming here. Today's the day that it was exactly 1 month ago when was launched. We've got close to 70,000 page views which I think is a fantastic showing. Let's celebrate ... yay ! xD

So much has happened in one month! Namely:
  • I've started streaming on XFire
  • I've started streaming on Mogulus
  • I started up MyBrute (but my char sucks... TT)
  • Bootcamp with Leon
  • Played and won NGL, WC3L, ZOTAC matches
  • Playing the Season 7 pro ladder
  • We joined Team Evil Geniuses!!!
And the coming month is looking to be no less eventful... :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Evil Geniuses 5-0 against WickeD

Great news guys. We won 5-0!! What..? Oh? you already knew? Well it's still great! :D

I'm glad we won our first match under EG tag! That should make Intel, SteelSeries, Peregrine, Kingston, Nuclear Fallout Servers, Divo Networks ( happy! And reason for EG to not kick us right away... xD

And now, as usual, I missed my lunch, so I'm pretty hungry - off to the kitchen to find some grilled chicken/potato which Cassandra left for me. And afterwards.. probably play some Season 7 and answer queries of users here. It's taking increasingly much time to read everyone's comment, reply to everyone and so on, but it's really fun so I'll try. Don't shoot me if I missed your comment =) I pretty much tend to read everything of course.

To read the rest of my blog, please visit

(P.s. you can subscribe to the blog @ EG, if you want to followgrubby @ EG :)


Level 33, chaps! Arthas, it's about time!

Keep in mind, you can look at older topics of my blog on the right in the navigation bar. The most recent items are listed by title, or you can dig through the archives of the respective month (March or April). I'm amazed by the massive interest in this blog; we started out on March 22, so the day after tomorrow (or tomorrow, technically) it will be 1 month. And we've already got over 65,000 page views! Really amazing :)

I can see in the analytics that there's always a good amount of first-time visitors, so in case you missed any of my previous blogs, don't miss the one right below this one, so you can vote for your favourite players/teams! (Hopefully Grubby, Happy and EG.CS :)

As for now I can go to bed slightly late after doing a fairly good stint of Season 7 Laddering. I used to think that 40 games per day exhausts me a lot, but today I feel fairly good and unimpressed by the amount! Yesterday I had 32 games, of which I lost 3 or 4.. and today I lost 3 games early in the day, and then no more. I did have one disconnect though, so totals to about 4. Still, won the other 36 games and I went up in ranking steadily!

My goal was to increase my level by 1 1/2 , and I did exactly that! I went from 31,5 to 33. I'm now sitting pretty on rank #3 - above me are DeMusliM and LucifroN. LucifroN's got a fair lead, but DeMusliM ain't too far off. I'm really happy that I made it, and also well ahead of schedule. This means I can put more concentration and time into preparation for the clan war of tomorrow first and foremost... Evil Geniuses (god, feels good to say that, compared to HGC, or exMYM) against WickeD! Anticipating this match with a great enthusiasm; hopefully we can get maximum points!

What a simply super day! Oh, gosh, yes!

Salad Days


Monday, April 20, 2009

eStars Seoul - The community decides

This blog gonna be a real quickie, as I've got to make up for time in Ladder Season 7. Namely because I just disconnected a game (luckily my first and only so far) in Season 7. How annoying it is to lose all that effort. Not to mention the game was 100% over =p

But I should consider myself lucky it was just the one game... anyway..


Community decides, guys. eStars always lets the fans vote so that everyone's favourite teams can be seen in action at this great event. And teams / players will try to influence the way the fans vote... by telling them who to vote for. I'm not like that... but I'm going to leave a faint suggestion in the trend of: it would be very nice if Happy and Grubby could both attend eStars!!!

Moreover while you're taking a vote, why not throw EG.USA a bone? See how their new Hybrid American/ European (Lurppis) is going to do at their first event. =)

As for now, it's back to the Net where all we do is Battle: Battle.Net!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

92%+ win rate

Ok, thank you to all the users who sent in replays. The more, the better, so I can make the most suitable choice :) I will take my pick and stream the game(s) with some commentary; that way, even when my stream could be laggy, it will be worth it no matter what. I haven't set a date for it yet.

I can't promise exactly when I will do my next stream (sorry to all the people who message me on BNet begging for the stream to start!!), because I'm quite worried about not making it for the S7 and as I've said before it takes more time to play with Streaming. It's also more fun, but sometimes I gotta choose for qualifying to a tournament instead, hehe.

Meanwhile I will still be writing blogs with interestings things going on and so forth, so there's no need to get bored. For now my schedule is looking like this:

Tuesday 21 April 2009
WC3L against WickeD (Playday 9)
16:30 CET
Statement and match link:

Thursday 23 April 2009
WC3L against Colorful (Playday 11)
16:00 CET
Match link:

On April 24,25 Happy's got his NGL matches (he won his first official game under EG tag, let's hope he'll get 3 out of 3! :)
On April 26,27 I've got my two NGL matches (against who? Too far off to worry about! :P)

The Pro Ladder is closing up on 24th of April at 21:00 CET, so I've got like 4 1/2 days to make it to Top 6. And on two of those days, we've got a WC3L war (which takes up practice time + match time !!)

I'm sleeping good time, and eating my 3 meals a day properly, taking care of myself so I don't get a burn-out. But at the same time, I've got to pretty much play all day - and maintain at least like 92% win rate to keep going up in the experience points steadily!!!

Grubby signing out

Grubby's interview at After MYM dropped their Wc3 squad, and SC squad, what was your initial reaction?
Grubby: I was shocked that MYM could make such a big mistake to drop the WC3 team without further negotiations, and after investing so heavily into it for years. Or in my case - for a year. Generally I don't think a team should pick me up and keep me for only a year, just when we're trying to build up something together. But things don't always turn out as planned.
I felt that ESNation dropping Starcraft showed that they have no interest in the future of eSports and continuing in it. Having a Starcraft team right now probably implies that you are prepping a team for Starcraft II. Outside of Korea Starcraft isn't that big anymore, so it's usually for that reason I guess. I felt bad for the MYM SC guys that I met, though, because I like them a lot. Are you interested in becoming the next Fatal1ty? Making yourself into a Brand, with Grubby mice, headsets, keyboards, etc?
Grubby: If I have the opportunity, I would love to do that. It's always been my dream to do so. I respect Fatal1ty a lot and what he's accomplished, so definitely. Have you tried to approach companies like Steel Series or Intel about doing that?
Grubby: I believe when the time is right, it will happen. Aside from the WC3L season, what do you have planned for the immediate future?
Grubby: ESWC Korea is confirmed for me. Additionally I'm playing the NGL Season 6 which would have me go to the LAN Finals hopefully. Moreover I hope very much that there's a chance I go to eStars and Blizzcon through Season7 ladder. With all the conflict with teams dropping players, what is your opinion on Moon' new contract with WMF for 16K euro per month?
Grubby: Moon is an internationally acclaimed top eSports player. His worth is as high as someone is willing to pay for it. We cannot look inside Moon's or WMF's pockets or heads. Actually I'd sooner congratulate Moon on such a great deal than begrudge him for it =)
Having said that, it's a very high salary and if it's true then I think he doesn't have to win much tournaments to make a living. But is he capable of it? I should think so, yeah. If he finds the proper motivation, he can be very good again.

To read the rest (or the larger part) of the interview, Click HERE.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Even a pro-gamer can take a rest, right? :)

Hey everyone,

No live streaming today, and a bit of a late (but necessary late) start on my pro laddering for today ;) Next thing I'll do for streaming is analyse a user-submitted replay in a difficult match-up, for example Orc vs Ne when he's playing Druids of the Talon. Find a place to submit the replay, post the link here and I'll choose one to analyse. It's fun to point out mistakes even when the Orc wins, but for the purpose of this 'lesson', I suppose it would be best if you (or your orc friend) loses!


EG has such a scary Logo, don't you think?

I spoke to my mother on the phone yesterday, to guide her through some PC problems. She's been becoming increasingly independent and knowledgeable (I used to think mothers are hopeless) and sometimes she surprises me positively. For example: it was my mother that told me, "if you don't like SK's new formatting, why don't you just change it back to white?" And I'm like, taking a deep sigh, and saying, "no, mom, they changed it to black. I know it sucks for reading stuff, but you can't just change it back." And my mom was like "Yes you can, you just press the black A on white background at the top of the page." And I'm like, "......" What the hell! I never taught her that! :D

So while we were talking through some things, she mentioned that she thinks the EG logo is rather scary. (...)

If you want to read more, please visit :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Grubby and Alex answers a few questions on

fragster: What made you think that Team EG is the right organization for you and your team mates?

Manuel Schenkhuizen: Let's be simplistic. I've talked many times with Alex Garfield, the CEO, and I think he's a very competent manager. We've got a great website. I'm able to come with my whole team (I'm loyal to my team, man!), and we've got the backing of great sponsors, namely Intel, SteelSeries, Peregrine, Kingston HyperX, NuclearFallout Servers, Ever since first talking to Alex, I've had a really good feeling about this possibility. And now that the possibility has come to truth, I couldn't be more happy.

Alex, lots of people saw eSports getting in trouble with teams and clans breaking down. How come that you are able to get such top tier players?

Alex Garfield: Well, I think that EG is first of all very fortunate because of having partners in Intel, SteelSeries, Peregrine, and Kingston that are both loyal and dedicated to our organization. We all feel very blessed. At the same time, I think that we've also been able to retain these partners because we think of execute, creative, innovative ways to provide them with marketing value. They wouldn't be supporting us if it weren't worth the expense, so I believe that is to our credit.

At the end of the day, I think that in eSports you must show your partners that the return on investment offered to them via sponsorship is better, and more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. You don't want to be viewed as experimental marketing by your partners, because if that happens, you'll be the first item on the list cut if there's a budget crunch. I think that we've been able to establish EG as a brand that offers really valuable return on investment for its sponsors.

To read the rest of the interview, Click HERE

Added new video's to !

Hi everyone! I've added some new videos to the mix on my mogulus stream. I think I should take the ones you've probably seen the most often down by now, particularly the Game 1, Game 2, Game 3 of WCG against Moon - since they're quite long also. I can put them up again later if you guys think they should be in.

So I'm taking WCG 1,2,3 and the WCG tribute movie out of the cycle for now.

For now I'd like say that I've uploaded the movie "Destiny of the World" - created by Vietnamese Gamers from clan INF. Specifically, the creator is called "SleepingMoon". It's definitely a very good movie and I got goosebumps at some moments (when the music really coincided very well with what was going on in the screenplay).

I hope they don't mind me uploading it, but I think it was a public video.
It's 12 minutes and 36 seconds long.

The other video I've recently added is Grubby vs FuRy @ OnGameNet Studio, from winter 2004. Cool to look back at those times with 4K - definitely some of the best in my career. It's 13 minutes 59 seconds long. Thanks to Roman for sending it to me!

Ciara - Happy - Grubby - Blogs at EG

Just thought you might like to know, it's probably Happy's first blog ever, I don't know about Ciara, could be his first as well :)

Everyone wrote whatever they were doing or thinking of at that point, you can read the blogs on


We're now part of team Evil Geniuses!

I am still listening to the Live-on-3 (DjWheat's show, ), so I've got to be brief!

But I've got some really, really, really great news! Happy, Ciara and me, with WC3 team manager Cassandra, will be joining team Evil Geniuses.

You can find their website on

I want to really thank EG and their sponsors, namely:
--Kingston HyperX
--NuclearFallout Servers

For making this possible.



the EG.Wc3 announcement is up! :)

Featured Question of the Day ^^

Featured question of today:

nice games...but i have a question, why you do not stream early in ur carear your ladder games? i think its a good idea to obtain a bigger fanbase

sry for my english :D

Dear HR.Kelzork,

Earlier in my career, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I do now. I've also been afraid to reveal too much of my strategies. But now, strategies don't change too much anymore anyway. That's still a slight concern but it's too fun anyway not to do it.

Lastly, I never really found the correct tools, programs and websites to stream before ^^ I only recently learned of such nice programs as Xfire, Mogulus, Camtasia+Adobe Encoder, and Pro Caster (which is what I used today^^)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's stream at an end (16 apr)

Today's streaming at an end.

Thanks everyone for watching! As usual, I'm deadly hungry :) So I'm going to grab a bite to eat. (we gotta cook it first)

Good night to all, or for American viewers, good day.

You may leave your comments here about today's stream.

More streaming tonight!

No exact time yet... but I will stream with the new program. Should be in between 7 and 10 PM or so. I will be more specific after I play sting at 6 PM for NGL.


Sting - New streaming program

Sorry that I didn't blog or stream today, it's because I've been very busy with some things like making phone calls and answering e-mails. Also I got kinda shocked when I realised it's going to be very difficult to make top 6 this time; especially since I'm so far behind. I can't take it easy anymore - I've got to go TRUE ZADROT STYLE! (If you don't know what Zadrot means, ask JustLittleStar :P)

Tomorrow I've got a match against Sting for NGL which I think will be very difficult. He's very strong in Orc mirror and has beaten me in practice recently. Nonetheless, I need to take the point for there are probably even more difficult opponents awaiting me in NGL.

Epic news: I've also got a cool new program for streaming games, so next time the stream should be even better. More fluent, less lag for me and overall faster! :>


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*New video added* - Mogulus Followgrubby

*New video added to my Mogulus programming*

If you forgot the link:

I've added a new video from my hard disk. It's called "AbuseYouDNA 4th" officially. Made by Fengge, a good friend of mine who's working for Chinese portal at the moment. He nicknamed himself "AbuseYouDNA" also, as that was one of my famous Ladder accounts.

I redubbed the file to "Grubby Yesterday", because of the topic and the chosen sound track. It's also meaningful because he's used Evercraft or some such program to view the old classical replays again - me against Insomnia, MaDFroG and suhO, also Moon from WEG Masters 2006 :)

I hope you enjoy watching this video at least half as much as I do! (length: 2 minutes, 9 seconds)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mogulus Live Programming and Streaming

First Mogulus Programming Playing NOW!

After working on it for so long, it's quite satisfying that I got it working eventually!
Again, loads of thanks to DeathWing (nl) for guiding me through it. Also thanks to RaGe from Team Liquid for writing the guide on how to do it: GUIDE and thanks to Jos de Kroon (Ret)

I've now got a solid program running of little more than 1 1/2 hours of constant shows!

Follow this link:

The program for now is:
  1. tributary video for me when I attended KODE5 in Moscow (28 seconds)
  2. Grubby vs Moon @ WCG 2008 Finals Game 1 (TR) (25 minutes 27 seconds)
  3. Grubby vs Moon @ WCG 2008 Finals Game 2 (SV) (31 minutes 44 seconds)
  4. Grubby vs Moon @ WCG 2008 Finals Game 3 (TM) (25 minutes 24 seconds)
  5. Grubby fan video by from WCG 2008 (9 minutes 34 seconds)
As soon as I start running a Live Show, the standard looping programming will flow over into my First Person VOD. I'm planning to start it some time soon (I wanted to promise now, but I've got a bit more testing to do. Anyway, I always reserve the right to epic fails, and you won't get your money back :> )

So why don't you log-in already? The viewer cap for now is 50, but I've applied for verification and I hope they will grant it soon. I should have a cap of a 1000 viewers then.

I hope the quality is fine for everyone.


Mogulus - flickering problem

Just like DeathWing was helping me yesterday by updating my XFire and thus solving my problem of not being able to broadcast anymore (and suffering embarassment to everyone who was trying to watch ;) so did he help me today to set up my Mogulus with some streaming programs and encoders.

It has cost me the better part of 3 hours to finally set up everything and I think it's working properly now. I'm going to do some tests and see how it goes.

One thing what it said is that, excessive chat may cause lag for viewers. I expect that there could be quite a lot of chat and thus quite a lot of lag. I'd love to have chat included so I;m going to try that firstly, but if it doesn't work I'll have to disable chat and I'll please redirect you to communicate here on my blog instead :)

When am I going to stream next time? I haven't decided yet. But it could be pretty soon. Stay tuned for updates!


So I might need some help.

Everything works fine in windows. When I tab to fullscreen application Warcraft 3, it flickers continually, like a graphical bug.

When I run WC3 in windowed mode, it's fine (but I prefer not to, as this would impede my ability to play top notch).

Does anyone know whether it's possible at all to stream fullscreen applications correctly? A friend told me he has the same problem and found no solution.

Thanks for help!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Watch my NGL Replays on XFire with me

Hi everyone! here a quick message:

For my NGL match against HoT I heard the WTV was down. If you want to see replay, why not watch it together with me? I'll be hosting it on XFire at 20:00 CET with live audio commentary. Don't miss your spot! :P


Xfire stream

p.s.: +5 minute delay

HoT in NGL tomorrow

Wow... I got so many pupils, hahaha :)

So what am I doing these days? Several things. It's slow times because there hasn't been a LAN tournament for a while, so I'm taking rest as well as trying to learn new strategies for upcoming LAN tournaments. I'm not satisfied with just one strategy so I'm storing up a lot of information in my head. I look at who I will be facing in ESWC Korea, and see if what I'm doing in practice right now is good enough or not.

The practice with mTw.Leon helped a lot because we played many different strategies. I'm also playing ladder to practice against surprises. Meanwhile, On-line leagues trundle onwards. I'm not really doing good in NGL so far with only a 4-2 score, and there's loads of difficult opponents left waiting. Taking it one at a time is always best though, and even 4-2 isn't too bad. My next opponent will be HoT, tomorrow at 6 PM. After that, in the same playday, it will be Sting.

Both are from Wicked, and our next WC3L war also happens to be against Wicked. That means my Orc, Elf and Human match-up has to be infallible!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Whip and Bo5's


For the people who understand German, here's Leon's feature interview for his stay at Schenhkuizen residence :)

Leon's Interview

Best fight today:
Power of the Whip @ MyBrute

Rofl, when I was losing I was like "NO OOOOO GRUBTOR!! GET THE WHIP! YEAH BABY!"

Anyway! Like Leon said in the interview ( I hope it gets translated to later, but maybe not hehe), we're playing BO5's everyday. Like one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the evening. It's really much more fun and better than playing on-line because neither of us can make excuses "oh shit I gotta go to eat now" or "my mom troubling me" - this happens quite a lot in CG's usually because everyone's lives go on, hehe.

Moreover we get instant feedback from every game we play - funny situations, special games, being shocked when you get creepjacked. And we can discuss our thoughts after and before games.

What's different from these BO5's, and the usual practice, is that now we really want to win because we put our honour at stake. Normally you may play 10x the same strat to practice it (we do that too), but now we're trying to outsmart each other. It creates such entertaining games..

So far I still won all but Leon is doing better and taking maps off me now. Too bad he's going home tomorrow but I'm sure we can do this again some time =)


An American Orc in Trouble

grubby i ask you many questions but truth is i have little people to go to, i appreciate all your help. but another thing that replays arent answering for me today is bears.
in a 50 on 50 or 60 on 60
how do i micro this battle.
it seems i focus bears i will take much damage and heroes will finish me off by heroes i mean DH
and alot of my stuff will be weak.
so should i grunt raider attack ground walker sh focus fire and bm to there hero or what.
if anyone else can share there insight please do

I got Pupils

Yes, my pupils! Train! Train so we can take over the world! Muahahahahahaha!

Keep training at MyBrute. But you'll never beat me. NEVER.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Brute is the best!

Challenge me in MyBrute... if you dare!

My list of victims is fairly endless - even though I'm only level 2, I'm completely unbeaten!
Here's my most recent victim which is mTwLeoN. I must say it was quite a one-sided fight and I left him pretty much no chance. And all this is going down IN BETWEEN our clanwar against aTTaX (I'm waiting for XlorD vs Happy to finish - prolly the most boring match-up to watch for me).

HF falling victim to me!

here's the evidence:

Ok maybe I lost once... but it didn't count, because my knife dropped :(


Bootcamp with Leon

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die! (Or is it: I'm blue, i'm in need of a guy!)

Once you hear it - you can never UNhear it :( GL hf enjoying this song now....

Anyway! The Leon - Grubby bootcamp! Well it's not so much a bootcamp really, as just us having fun. We're playing games and watching each other sometimes. He helped Happy and me practice 2v2 earlier today and at the same time we also played some 1v1's. You should be looking out for a comment from Leon on my blog soon. Whatever he's gonna say, it's 100% true (not figurative speech, really true).

Like I said in my statement, tomorrow is going to be make-it or break-it day for top 2 direct Play-offs I think. We Are Go passed us today by getting a superb 5-0 against Wicked, and ended up on first rank. With nGize doing so well consistently (both nGize and Go didn't lose a CW yet) - that means anyone else trying to get Top 2 (like us) will have an incredibly hard time. Looking forward to the match tomorrow with a sense of anticipation, pleasure and excitement. This is what I do for a living! It's fucking awesome no matter what!

My internet seems more stable... maybe I will soon start to play the Tournament ladder, as I'm far behind, and I would need to catch up. It doesn't look that hard, though, some ppl got insane stats.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mystery Guest: Leon Magnus Helmut

The mystery guest is mTw.Leon! Indeed it may be a surprise to some people but actually we're very friendly and we practice together very frequently. I invited him to come visit me and play together some a couple of times, and now that S7 started it also seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Soooo, I got up INHUMANLY early (9:52 AM to be exact) to pick up Leon from the train station in Utrecht Centraal. We missed each other for a bit and his phone didn't work, but eventually we ran into each other. We went to my house and I showed him his room, which was acceptable for him.

After that, we set up our laptop and 17" CRT screen for him. We had lunch (Cassandra cooked noodles soup) and then we went to the city of Gouda for the afternoon (famous from the "Gouda cheese", except the name is not copyrighted so any Gouda cheese you have is probably not really from Gouda). I had an appointment with an ear doctor to find out whether they knew what ailed me for a long time now... test result in a week, though.

After that, we got into a bit of a traffic jam on our way back, and we talked about Infi vs FoCuS (2:0) and so on, some other matches. When we got back, we were hungry again and I dished out the Dutch bread and we attacked our plates with a fervor. During this ("2nd lunch"), I got out my Sun Tzu's Art of War book and Leon and I discussed some ancient strategies coming into use in a modern digital warfare :P

We quickly headed up at 18:00 to get some warming-up for Leon's EPS game at 19:30 against TryDying. We played the maps he's likely going to be playing and we talked a bit about it. He is taking the match quite seriously. TryDying is a good player and they've been in the same team together, so they must be each other's match.

It's 19:17 now and he'll be playing soon while I will be watching or playing by myself.

Enjoy all the EPS games (that start in 11 minutes!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

My ISP and a Mystery Guest

Well, my internet down time was most likely caused by my ISP and not due to a problem in my own house. The erratic nature of the downtimes and the fact that it got cured automatically, point in that direction. It's been fine since last night 10 PM until now, so that's a boon. :)

Normally my ISP is really good with nearly no down times and a pretty good ping, connection and download speed. It's also the most expensive one, but of course I need stability. Last nights made me sad but I hope they'll never do it again and I'll forgive them!

And tomorrow probably an international player is coming by to visit me! He'll be staying over for a while and we'll be practicing together and having fun. Either season 7 or cg's or whatever, just like what we normally do except he will have less distractions and more motivation.

The reason for this that in my house you have to play at least 4 hours to be able to use the bath room, 6 hours to be allowed some fresh air, 8 hours to get lunch and dinner, and 10 hours before you can use the bed. Fighting time!

Who is the player that will visit? Well, it would be one of the 10 invitees for eStars Seoul... you can find the list here:
Readmore's report on eStars Seoul

Of course it's all going to rely on voting so once again the power's to the people!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Failed Login at Internet Service Provider ...

Hi everyone. I couldn't connect to the internet until 6 PM today. Shortly after I posted my blog, internet kept going down every minute or so until I eventually gave up and went to sleep ( no internet !!! ). Until 6 PM today, it didn't work , and then suddenly it did. Reminds me of that blog I wrote a week ago or so, appreciating the wonders of internet... =)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Played Zotac - happy that I won! :)

14:38 PM

I turn on the PC and sign up for ZOTAC. I feel like today could be a winning day (I have more motivation than some of the time when I also ended up losing. Also I feel my shape is somewhat better, and a more balanced shape vs all 4 races).
8:28 PM

Soon gonna start semis against Kas , and then prolly finals vs ZOTAC! Didn't really have good opponents yet (Except multick but he played rdm). So these are gonna be the real test.

0:24 AM

Read the comments.. will try to get to them one by one :)

I'll put that at the bottom, OK?

Now, for my tournament run... I wish I could upload replays here, but I can't. So I can do battle reports.

r1 0-0 freewin
r2 1-0 crossy
r3 1-0 gmg-oxygenium
r4 1-0 slap]roll
r5 1-0 iact.n2l.foggy
r6 1-0 multick
r7 2-1 ig.daveron
r8 2-0 dmz.kas
r9 3-2 go)focus

Freewin was by far the easiest game I didn't play of the whole tournament today. I have to admit I was only watching the screen with half an eye during round 1. I don't even remember what race was being played if any at all. I don't think I lost a single unit.

Crossy was an undead I met on Ancient Isles. I did a standard strategy of Shadow Hunter rush with advance shop, following up with a quick Tier 3 tech with double Spirit Lodge. I started pumping out Shamans and gathered them up at the Tavern. Upon reaching Tier 3, I researched Master Shamans and simultaneously picked up a Goblin Tinker and a Pit Lord. Having those, I started my attack which comprised of Fortified Towers, a Rocketpack+Fire reign combination and healing wave to top it off. Demolishers slowly trundled in to rain doom on the UD base.

gmg-oxygenium was another Undead, whom I met on Secret Valley. I did an even more standard Tauren Chieftain first opening, starting off with 3 grunts to get some Stomp surrounds on his fiends. I saved up Headhunters in my base and added raiders, some kodo and T3 tech for all the upgrades that money can buy. He did TeD's strategy (though maybe not quite as good) with T2 towerrush. My TC hit level 5 and Mana pots bolstered his spirits. I drove him off and he called GG.

Roll is a common training partner for me, who also helped me a lot to train against Night Elf before WCG 2008 (ironically I met few Elves - I lost to SaSe twice, however inconsequential, but ended up beating country mate Nicker). So I was definitely cautious about this game. He did DH Huntress opening on Melting Valley while I opted for a rather unusual Blade+grunts opening, followed up by Shadowhunter. He got some bears and I ate some bear meat (kodos). When nothing was left I went to look on another map for more food.

In round 5 I nearly lost to beastmaster close position on Turtle Rock. I did a bad rush and paid the price - ending up with a hard-fought victory. Not proud of myself but it sure got the blood boiling!

Round 6 Multick went Random Orc... the game lasted less than 8 minutes.

Round 7 I met a decent Polish Undead player named Daveron on Echo Isles. The two games where I played fun strats (game 1 & 3) I won, while in game 2 I got punished for playing cookie cutter TC solo. For some reason, I could not end the game despite how much shock waves I cast in his base.

Round 8 I met trouble in the form of Kas - a Ukrainian Human Player who is not bad at all. He rushed me pretty strong on Snowdrop in the first map and I lost a lot. Luckily I followed up with a nailbiting Archmage kill and that equalised the match. We ended up doing a fight more epic than when Gandalf saved everyone in Helm's Deep. The second map on TR was no less intense and I enjoyed playing those games a lot.

Round 9 I met FoCuS... out of 10 good hosts for me normally, it seemed none was really good for me now. It reminds me of that joke:

A man goes to see a doctor. He complains to the doctor, "Doctor, if I press my leg here, it hurts a lot." The doctor inspects his leg and says, "Hmmmm." The man grimaces as he presses his temple, and yells out "Ouch, it hurts a lot when I press here!" The doctor inspects the side of the man's face thoroughly, and reserves his opinion. The man presses his left shoulder and nearly faints from the pain, as he says "it really hurts when I press here..."

The doctor looks at the man sternly and says, "I know what's the problem. Your index finger is broken."


Well, it was like that: it was my own internet connection for some reason. I was getting a lot of spikes on many different hosts. Eventually I discussed with the admins whether we could have a bit fewers observers and they were very understanding. FoCuS also was very patient so I want to thank him for that. After the ZOTAC was over, my internet went down several times, completely, still don't know why. But I'm happy it didn't happen during the actual games.

The games against FoCuS, in some cases, were really one of a kind. FoCuS is a very strong mirror player. We both made some mistakes now and then but I think that really made the entire series very entertaining to watch. Especially in Game 3 on Echo Isles, I thought to myself: "Now there's a game that will never.. ever be repeated again."

I think you can see most games on WTV so HF.. for now, a satisfied feeling! Thanks for reading!

Finals vs ZOTAC? you mean Focus most likely
there was a close game in the beginning of the tounament vs an elf on tr...^^
Grubby Please, I'd really like an answer to this one because it has been on my mind for so fucking long. At your first game vs Kas, you picked up 2 claws which together gave a total dmg boost of 21 dmg. Add the kodo effect and you had about 80 dmg as your maximum dmg. Taken into acount the BM's extreme attack rate and his crit chance you can quite easily tell that this is way too strong for being just one hero. And this happens nearly ever game (That the BM picks up claws or other dmg boosting items) and there got to be a stop to it. What I mean is: What other race can take as much use of these items as the Orcs can? The claws just favourize the Blade Master way too much and give him way too high dmg whenever he gets a crit. My proposal is either to remove claws from the map, or make them unstackable with the crit. What do you think about this? Please give me your most objective thought about this, cuz it's really bothering me and also a lot of other ppls (Mostly Undeads) as well I think.

Orc's heroes are maybe stronger than other race's heroes, but it doesnt mean that orc > other races. Every race has its own strengths and weakness. Orc's strength are the heroes.
Hey Grubby,
maybe u wanna try sth like

with streaming your own games.. works really great!


First real spring day... and the first LAN event in sight!

Today was a hot day! It came to like 24 degrees Celsius during the day. We actually spent our very first day since we lived here, in the garden! I invited my brother and his girlfriend and we all had a drink ( to celebrate the NGL wi-... the good weather). Afterwards we ate together and I had a meeting with my teammates to discuss our future.

We also made the line-up for our next clanwar which will be against aTTaX. Happy will be playing against Sting and LucifroN next in NGL - really tough for an UD to play online against Orcs, but I believe he can do it! He just needs to believe in himself again and then he could have a really strong match-up against Orc. I'm telling you, as soon as he'll win one game it'll be snowballing :) Break the cycle!

Ciara's looking to go to EPS.Scandinavia at 25th of April. He'll have a tough starting match in meeting LiiLD.C. in a Single Elimination Bo5 format. Historically he's had a strong match-up against Night Elf. But LiiLD.C. is really on the rise lately. I like both and both are good so it's hard to make a prediction, and I won't, but may the best win! If Ciara does win, I think he can win the whole event (other opponents aren't to be trifled with - Bringer and DowaQ,... but Ciara is more experienced!)

As far as LAN's go, Happy and me hopefully can go to ESWC Korea as we're on the invite list, but there's the question of travel costs... I've paid for my own travel before in situations where there was no one to reimburse it, such as in 4K when we had financial problems in the end. But it's not ideal, and it's a risk.

What we really all need is an organisation who sees value in us and is willing to support us. Hopefully we will find this - so that we may attend the events that we could have a shot at winning at.

And now for a meaningful quote to show that I have a deep personality, while at the same time displaying a shameful shallowness since I didn't actually make it up myself:

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.

Amen to that!

Friday, April 3, 2009

xlord vs me now! infi postponed!

Really quick blog cuz I have to go play:

Grubby vs Infi - it got postponed. We tried many hosts (all of which were fine for me) but infi's connection today was really bad so they decided to PP

So I had the idea that Xlord vs me which was formely on sunday 5th, would be moved forwards to now

so that all the waiting viewers would have an actual match to see now!

xlord was enthusiastic and so was NGL so they agreed with my idea! we're going to play it now.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

WC3L Mousesports - unfortunately, a loss

Unfortunately we came out with a loss in today's clan war. I blame myself for losing to TH000. In the 3rd game, I did not* handle the battles very well at all. It's just a disappointment because I felt I could've gotten a lot more out of that game. They used exactly the players and map selection as we expected in the 1on1, so we tried to prepare as best we could.

Only in the 2v2 we were surprised: they went for an Orc+Undead team. Why didn't you predict this, GenoZ!! I feel we lucked out in game 3 because we were looking quite bad in the start, but got a series of hero kills. After the first kill (the SH), it just started snowballing and it became an avalanche. Maybe fly was being a bit too risky, maybe they had bad ping. It gave us an important win whichever way.

Against Fly: wow, I had 50 vs 70 food in both games! It's mind-boggling.
Against TH000: after picking up a win on the first win, I think a felt a little bit too comfortable. Echo Isles I never really had a chance, and well you know about G3 by now.

I didn't see Fly vs Happy yet, but that's what I usually do at night after 12 when it's hard to find practice partners already. I watch the day's replays and let it work on my subconsciousness when I sleep.

My feeling now:

Next matches: Infi 3 April (tomorrow) at 4 PM CET
XlorD on 5 April (sunday) at 4 PM CET

Humanz! May your masonry fall to bits, your towers crumble and your archmage fall off his horse! May my blades ever be sharp, my bloodlust everlasting and my minions be ever obedient!

Bad news - Frontspawn's down (yet we go on as wc3 team)

Today I've heard that Frontspawn will cease all operations as of immediately. This basically means that we've lost our sponsors and our organisation, but not our team. Not much will change for the viewer. We were already wrongfully carrying "MYM" tag, but for lack of a good replacement tag didn't really change it. We knew not everything was right. ESNation going down certainly did not help anything... that means that after 1 1/2 month of service, we are released from contract with Frontspawn. It's very unfortunate that this happened, but that's just the way things go sometimes. We have to move on and look forward.

What does this mean for us?

Like I said, not much will change. Don't worry, we'll try our best and find a suitable organisation and new sponsors. Even if we don't find one, we'll still go on playing. We've got a WC3L season to finish. For now we're sticking together as we explore new avenues. WC3L remains our prime focus as a team, starting tomorrow against Mousesports. We've asked the Garena staff to help us change our account names to remove the MYM. tag, but if they haven't had time to do so yet, that will explain why we might still use our MYM. accounts. Please wish us the best of luck on our Pro-Gaming Adventures! ;)

Recently a lot of people have been asking me what do I smoke, as a reaction to my statements in WC3L:
Match link Mouz vs "ex-MYM"

I would like to state that I do not smoke, no cigarettes and no weed. These substances are bad for you m'kay. Don't smoke, children!

Having said that, here's my smoked joke-of-the-day:

Is it a Satisfied?
Is it a Content?
No! It's a Happy!

Is it a Dirty?
Is it a Filthy?
No! It's Grubby!

Is it a Kelly Clarkson?
Is it a Tina Turner?
No! It's Ciara!

Your powers combine happy dirter singers!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watch out, it's 1st of April!

I'm to April's Fools Day what the Grinch is to Christmas: I just don't like to play along. Sure, later in life I adjusted to society and did my part of deception and jokes. And yet from a very young age I remember I was always cranky on April's Fools Day. I would ask people not to joke around with me. Thinking the element of surprise was playing the main part in the wittiness of 1st of April jokes, I'd warn them that I am aware it's 1st of April, and that I wouldn't be caught off guard.

Despite all this, I fell prey to the tradition and made some people my prey... I felt acutely ashamed when I did one of the worst pranks ever...

1 April 2007

It happened at a late-night dinner at a steakhouse with Creo, RotterDaM, FuRy and Zeus. At some point during the consumption of the main course, I gave Creo the hidden sign. He knew what it meant, and he discretely fondled his pants for (no, not what you're thinking)... his phone. An inconspicuous press of the button, and a few seconds later, a familiar sound: someone got an SMS text message. I reach into my pants (that's not all we used to do in Four-Kings) and read what just came in. A look of pure disbelief, as I seemingly stops breathing. I slowly show the message to FuRy and Zeus, who are sitting across from me. My face is slack while my heart is racing: a feeling of extreme naughtiness and a dreading anticipation overcome me. What are we doing to those poor guys?!

The whole table falls silent, and everyone realizes that something terrible just happened. The festive atmosphere was instantly gone. The message read something along the lines of: "Just came from a meeting. Things not looking good at all. You won't get paid for the last few months, and the team is disbanding. Can't say more now, speak to you in a bit." - Sender: 4K.Tobes

Creo didn't need to ask what it read; it was he that sent it after all. I changed the name for Creo's phone number to 4K.Tobes... and well, you figure out the rest.

After a few moments of acting out the shock, Creo and me realized this 'joke' was causing them a heart attack. We broke out in hesitant smiles as FuRy and Zeus starting thinking about what day it is today... in nervous relief, everyone started laughing and I remember feeling extremely guilty for what I had done (it was my idea). Creo played his part, and I'm not sure if he felt 100% proud either ;) But it was damn, damn funny! You should've seen the look on those guys' faces! Haha :D


So, everyone... consider yourself forewarned! It's the 1st of April. I gave you fair warning. You deserve it. I hate pranks. And I apparently join in just the same. Remember: if you are able to avert major mental trauma: thanks to my warning!