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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grubby Pro Event - SteelSeries - XFire

Hi everyone,

Few days ago I did a show match against ThomasG and against some challengers. I'd like to post the links for you, in case you might enjoy watching it. There's also a transcript of a chat session I've done with XFire users / Warcraft 3 fans. Have fun!

* Show Match: Grubby vs ThomasG (shoutcast by EndarSpire and hosting by Thorzain) (1st Map) (2nd Map) (3rd Map)

* Grubby Live Chat:

[Xfire] Matteox (matteox): Welcome to the live chat with WarCraft III Legend, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen. We're very happy to have him! He will start taking your questions now.

[Xfire] Matteox (matteox): Please ask your questions in the question room. Grubby will answer the selected questions in this room, central command.

[Xfire] Matteox (matteox): At the end of the chat we will awarding a couple of prizes for the best questions. Enjoy!

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, i was wondering how old were you when you started gaming like a bit more seriously?

It always interested me to become better at games, but it was only about beating my older brothers.. it didn't have special meaning until I was introduced to eSports which was when I was 17 years old.

Grubby (steelseries3): 18:59] regnasta: hi grubby... i was wondering if you played any other game than war3?

Which game didn't I play? Haha... I've been interested mostly in RPG's, RTS's, Turn based strategy and adventure games... think about Settlers, Civilization, Populous, etc...

Grubby (steelseries3): (forza67): sup grubby,what are your best memorys of wc3?

Undoubtedly that's winning some of the big titles that I've won... but also moments where a few simple words from a supporter touched my heart (sounds mushy but it's true)

Grubby (steelseries3): tatu90 (tatu90): Hello Grubby! Is it hard to concentrate if you have problems in life?

That's really difficult... it was important to have a good relationship with my mother in the first 3 years of my eSports, and in the last 3-4 years the relationship with my girlfriend. They helped to "shield" me from worries when they could mess with my mindset.

Any athlete needs to have a mind empty of worries to give their top performance. I did notice that, later on as I became more experienced in dealing with such things, that I've been able to better concentrate on shutting 'problems' away from my mind for the important times

Grubby (steelseries3): fu'Z (xcacos): Hi Grubby, just wanted to ask what you felt when you won a WCG Championship for the first time?

I was so young and I didn't have ambitions to win. In the finals, I felt that I will surely lose and I was OK with that because I'd already gotten top 2. It was unimaginable for me to win, so the moments that followed after I did actually win WCG 2004 are a complete dreamy blur. It felt like I was being pulled at from every direction by everyone. A very strange, blurry feeling which seemed to pass by so fast. It felt extraordinary.

Grubby (steelseries3): Nikfiuri (pansmith): Hello Grubby, do you play any team games at wc3? Which give you more fun - solo or team and why?

When I play team games, that's usually 2v2 or 3v3. I like to try and win with bad strategies, like massing banshees up to 100 food and so on =] or heroes only..

Grubby (steelseries3): GD Raz1el (razielge): Hey Grubby, i just start now with WC3, do you mean that it´s to late, or should i try it??

If you play for the right reasons (enjoyment), it's never too late to start. Set yourself small goals, and be satisfied with each goal you achieve! Choose for yourself what sacrafices you're willing to make for getting better, and stick to it. That will you would never regret your decisions.

Grubby (steelseries3): DeathWing (deathw1ng): Grubby, did you ever at one point think about quiting warcraft 3? and if so at what moment in ur carreer was this and what made u decide to keep playing?

- I felt like quitting after I lost in Winner Bracket of WCG 2003 qualification to AcidPsycho at Night Elf Mirror. My brother suggested me to switch to Human, and when I did I ended up winning the qualification. Thanks, bro!

Grubby (steelseries3): (forza67): Do you find it hard to get used to a different setup at a tournament/cup than say your normal setup at home?

I only have trouble with that when the tournament set-up is in some way malfunctional, OR is drastically different from what I have at home. To prevent such things, I learned to mimick tournament conditions at my home.

Grubby (steelseries3): (proesmans): which pllayer you prefer: Sky, Moon, Infi, Lyn or ReminD?

Prefer in what way? :P They're all very talented and have worked hard for where they are.

Grubby (steelseries3): Majorichter (majorichter): Grubby, for you who is your best partner for playing ? Why ?

I really liked playing with Creo, because when we partnered I used to play Random and he NE, and we won nearly everything =)

Grubby (steelseries3): CyDoN (blackmetaltemplar): 1st. If you could choose a normal succesful non gaming life you go back in time?

Never. I have no regrets, and I am very happy with my life.

Grubby (steelseries3): ivanuz: Does Your Friends support you?

If they don't, they're not really friends.

Grubby (steelseries3): GD Raz1el (razielge): Aloha Grubby, what do you mean at what age a person should start with eSports, and at which age better Quit?

I believe there are no real age limits. That's the beauty of eSports in my mind. Technically, a 10 year old could play against an 65 year old. Perhaps in the future we will see that in some other game :p That could never happen very well in real sports because of the physical requirements.

Grubby (steelseries3): kunzile: If WC3 never existed, and you could become a professional in any other game what would it be?

Another RTS, but I haven't seen any (that's not from Blizzard) that's as good as WC3... so who knows..

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, who is the best friend you have gotten out of The whole gaming scene, like who you really enjoy hanging out with etc?

Someone I know since I was 3 years old. They say a person is lucky if he has one true friend.

Grubby (steelseries3): (forza67): Who introduced you to wc3,and what kind of stimulouses kept you playing?

My brother of 2 years older. The stimulus was the enjoyment I got out of the game.

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, i was wondering if you have ever had problems with your gaming life and your real life messing each other up?

Let's just say it's a delicate balance :p

Grubby (steelseries3): SendMeASign (sendmeasign): Grubby, if you meet some players in, would you talk with them and tell them who you are orc just ignore them?

When I play, I play to play, not to talk. Most likely I would not talk. When I want to talk, I do something like this on Xfire :P

Grubby (steelseries3): chumpesque: Based upon how fun it is to play, what is your favourite hero (i.e. irregardless of results)

That would probably be the Warden and the Tauren Chieftain, because they both can be very fast and got damage spells =)

Grubby (steelseries3): 9|FrIsti™ (santaskimzorz): Grubby how long do you play DotA and what is Your Favourite character to play with

Let's deal with this now: I don't play DotA ! :p

Grubby (steelseries3): Nikfiuri (pansmith): Grubby, how often do you play "in public" on I mean, like I never saw you online playing. Do you play on some other accounts to make your opponents not know who are they playing with?

It's possible you've already played me, but didn't know. I'd like to keep it that way, too.

Grubby (steelseries3): crusher (crusher2010): grubby, yesterday I read that Happy left EG. what do you think about that? and will you try to find a new 3rd player for EG or will it stay you and ciara only?

I can't say anything about this yet, but I suggest you follow the news

Grubby (steelseries3): (proesmans): Do you stay in the Netherlands during the year.. or do you stay in Asia (because of the ping) so you can challenge players like sky & moon with a lovely ping?

So far, I've always used Netherlands as my home base to fly out from and to come back home to and practice. It's served me well enough so far.

Grubby (steelseries3): skillz'Siffics (19magiman91): Grubby, when did you started to play Wc3? And what are other games you play except Wc3?

Started with WC3 7 years ago, and I played a lot of other games before that. But since I play wc3, I play very few to no other games.

Grubby (steelseries3): GD Raz1el (razielge): how thinks your family, when you start Gaming?? did they cheer and support you and said you make it reight, or the opposide??

We support each other in what we do, no matter what it is... I was not an exception in this, and they saw it made me happy

Grubby (steelseries3): fu'Z (xcacos): Which was you're very first prize on a WC3 tournament?

$10,000 in CXG , but it was never paid out. A 'bitter' intro to eSports, but it was an uncommon occasion which can be expected in a young industry ;p

Grubby (steelseries3): Apart from that there were some €100 from small tourneys, I guess you could count those too.

Grubby (steelseries3): Mp.єҳє® (hcmaitrepoul): Hi Grubby ! What is the biggest price you won? thx

Probably WSVG $20,000 + the Rolex watch in 2006.

Grubby (steelseries3): mileycyrusarena (mileycyrusarena): Hi grubby, i was wondering at what time did you feel most proud or happy for a team mate?

Probably when Creo won WCG against Sky. At the same time it's also a shameful memory, because I did not support him live. I thought he had no chance to win, and for this I haven't forgiven myself. Yet he made me proud

Grubby (steelseries3): skillz'Siffics (19magiman91): Grubby, While you playing a game against someone, and you are about to lose against that oppenent, what is about going through your mind?

When I first feel that "I may be losing this game", I re-double my efforts. It's a very scary but also exciting feeling, and sometimes my best plays came forth from those moments.