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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two new blogs from Cassandra on

Cassandra talks about Olympics, Starcraft II Beta, Snowmen

Cassandra made Grubby and Moon wallpapers for the fans!

Check it out and leave your comments there! ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Holiday at home, recent playing, EG.wc3 2010

A quick overview of how I'm doing at the moment. I've gained 3-4 kg, unnoticeable in my face because it's pure muscle (I now move mountains). I'm doing all the things that I can't normally do in the rest of the year such as - eating slowly, reading books, spending more time with family, reading letters (a year's worth pretty much - with all the kind of "This is the last warning" that you can imagine) and so on. It started out being a huge relief. Well, obviously it started with our snow boarding holiday, which was amazing.

Holiday at home
It went on into a kind of holiday-at-home. Though I played WC3 and watched replays and followed the scene closely, I allowed myself to breathe easy by not practicing every hour that I have, as I usually do. At first it felt kinda naughty and relieving, like I said. And the part where I can be there for family birthdays and the like feels very gratifying and wouldn't grow old. But the part where I have no serious competitions for WC3 does grow a bit old. I won't have to wait for too long because there will be several events lined up not too long from now, and before too long I'll be training just as I always am. But for now, it's kind of the calm before the storm. It feels lazy but I try to appreciate it because such moments are rare. I'm still appreciating my finishing performance in 2009 at WEM.

Recent playing
My shape hasn't deteriorated much, only my speed a little. With a few days that should come back. I've had a few public appearances, like vs Winners and ThomasG in the WC3L and I must not have done too bad since I won both. I haven't played any ZOTAC Cups because I'm not feeling like it right now when there's so much other things to do before the LAN Tournaments start again. After the Chinese New year, Evil Geniuses is up against World Elite and I don't think we have much chance to win. Maybe a miracle will happen and we do, we'll see.

The weather
In Netherlands the weather has been absolutely unprecedented as far as my life time is concerned. And I wouldn't be a real Dutchie if I didn't discuss the weather. It's been snowing nearly non stop for like 2 months. Every time you think it has stopped, I wake up to a bright window and I know that it's the sun reflecting off a whole new blanket of snow all around my house. It's enchanting but cold.

EG.WC3's future
Only thing left which I want to share is EG.WC3's future. Ciara and me are buddies and we enjoy being in the same team. For as long as that's possible, it will probably remain that way. For me it's great to be part of EG and to have the sponsor backing that we have. In 2010 I'll most likely continue to play here, if it works out, and that would make me happy. We're not sure if we will pick up any new players, as we're not sure what's going to happen with WC3L yet and whether it's still worth it. Anyone who knows me for a while already, knows that I love WC3L and have always played my best in WC3L. Still, I feel that the scene's attention has definitely shifted from team leagues to 1on1 competitions more than ever. Even SK and Mousesports have disbanded their WC3 team and pulled out from WC3L.

I'd love to get a new player who can show his power at LAN's as well as in online leagues. If someone catches our eye, who knows.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cassandra's blog - WEM and travel

Hi everyone!

I started my column again on
Read the first picture blog about World e-Sports Masters and travel adventures at: