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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Invited for a visit to Lordaeron; playing with HolyHuman

A day of doing my administrative work: it never really makes me very happy. Going through weeks old mail; sorting out the trash from the important; finding unopened birthday cards from the year 1998; it piles up and it becomes a lot of work.

Putting the work for today behind me, but my room still being in a paper-mess, I was looking forward to have some fun.

There was one day, a few weeks ago, where I was spammed with MSN add-requests by a couple of American guys. Turns out it was quite innocent, they weren't incessant spammers and just wanted to chat a bit. Every now and then we have a small chat or I give some advice.

Today, guy called Josh asked me to come to Lordaeron server to play a few games against HolyHuman. I know the guy is pretty good, and I had nothing else to do, so I took the opportunity. We ended up playing 3 games, first of which was on Echo Isles where the match-up was Orc vs Human. I did a towerrush strategy on his main base. I realised a bit too late he took his MK and expanded on my natural. It ended up being both of us having 2 bases with him solo MK + mercenaries and going for air, while I had BM + Panda, continually firebreathing his towers. The game became unexpectedly interesting, though I suspect neither of us give it our all :)

For game 2 & 3, we decided to mix things up and we went Random vs Random. He got Orc on Twisted Meadows while I got Undead. I just did standard strategy and tried to limit Orc's exponential strength by harassing him, wasting time and then doing a quick T3 push with ghoul+fiend. He's less familiar with the match-up, so Blademaster didn't save him.

On the last game, the map was turtle rock and I randomed into Night Elf while he had Undead. The game is a recommendation to watch, and I asked Josh to upload the replay and provide a link to it in the comments section of this blog. So go check it out - the strategies are relatively unusual.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Video of Dutch Gamers at Tuschinski

This is a short video clip of the Dutch gamers at "Beyond The Game" movie premier held at Tuschinski Theater on the 15th March 2009. Tuschinski is the biggest theater in The Netherlands and also the most famous, historical and beautiful one. The event was combined with EPS Benelux, where, after all the audience were finished with the movie, they got to also watch the EPS finals in the theater from the big screen.

In the video you can see Jos De Putter who is the director of the movie. Additionally, you can see Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen who is one of the the stars starring in the movie. Other Dutch gamers include Sushilicious, Ikbencool, and other visitors.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mission: Clanwar World Elite

Would love to write about it right away, but we are both c o m p l e t e l y FAMISHED! (Essurient, peckish, ALL HUNGRY LIKE) © monty pythons

So we're going to eat now!

4 hours later........

Oof! I think I've about eaten as much as there's room for in any man! I remember something about how you should distribute meals evenly across a day... but who cares!

Anyway, the clan war. We were thinking they're going to use Like & Sky, but right before the match started we thought "hey, it's possible they use TeD and Sky". I mean, Sky is strong vs any race and could win 2 points by himself, and TeD is very powerful in UD mirror. Moreover, he's got very effective strategies against Orc. He often doesn't give the Orc enough time to use their racial advantages effectively. He'll be pushing the Orc before he's 50 food on many occasions, which makes it really tough to play against him.

When the line-ups came up, Ciara messaged me to talk about my opponents and potential strategies. Ever since WC3L uses the new map pool, it's not so obvious anymore which map you should remove and pick. Before, I'd always remove TS vs most players, but now it's not there anymore. Other races would always remove Gnoll wood or Lost Temple, and for me it'd be easy- pick the other! Now, sometimes the favourite maps and vetoed maps are actually switched up quite a bit! It could even be that two different races dislike or like the same map vs each other. I think that's a sign WC3 is becoming more balanced, and that the map pool is quite well balanced also.

Ciara has been sharing some ideas for strategies against Human with me, but I had found little time to practice the match-up actually. Been doing a lot of thinking, though... (on the toilet, in bed, in my dreams, every waking moment... :D). Game 1 against Sky was pure adaptation, while he was setting the pace of the game. Game 2 I tried something but I didn't do it very well, and later Ciara told me my mistakes too. For Game 3, Ciara said I couldn't have done any better, except for the part where I lost track of where Sky was for a moment. He is really a very slippery eel! (in the best sense of speaking). He does that evasion creeping thing really well, and I'm lucky to come out on top.

Considering Happy: he did really well! He doesn't like on-line matches as much as off-line, because he's a very micro intensive player. Despite that, he still managed to beat Sky! As a team mate, I'm very proud of him :)

TeD played really amazing too. Not just did he beat Happy, but he also played really cool strategies against me. As a fan of the game, I just have to say, that I loved his game 1 & game 2 strategy. It's easy to be innovative, but innovation doesn't mean anything unless it also works or nearly works. There's a big difference between making witch doctors and batriders or actually having a working strategy with unusual starting heroes or units! I guess he really practiced those.

I remember I made mass banshees, playing as UD, in wC3L, a few years ago against SGC.Frido (orc). I also possessed a lot of creeps and ended up winning the game :D it's really cool!

LikE was feverish, so that's maybe why he didn't play the 1on1. And that's why the 2v2 was postponed.

I started training right after my own solos and was watching happy/sky from the corner of my eye! Now that I'm back from eating, I'm going to practice some more... even relishing the victory, I cannot stand still. Today may be the result of some good luck or circumstance, but you can never rest on your laurels as a pro-gamer. There's tons of stuff I have to work on, and even parts of my games today, I'm not too satisfied with. Well, the win sure does feel good, but there's more work ahead!

Signing out for tonight,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy vs LiiLD.C. and more

Today's exploits... stayed up until 9 am because of medical emergency... had to wait until the Doctor's office opened at 8 am to get some meds...

Slept until 2 pm... got woken up by the doorbell, they delivered a package for Cassandra - seeds, bulbs, plants, to beautify our garden. I can imagine the gardener's delight in the growth of living things, and the beauty, but I don't quite have the patience or time for it, hehe. Still, it's nice to have a good-looking garden later on in the spring and in the summer, so I'm happy she's doing it.

Found out I forgot to write the statement for WE vs us - I agreed to do it and I should've done it few days ago but thought "there's plenty of time.." whoops! You can read it here:

Now I'm hosting for Happy vs LiiLD.C. their NGL match. AI TR MV are the maps and the order and it's DK vs DR on the first map. Happy always plays the same (no gargs) but still fricking hard for elves to beat him :P guess it's all micro and decision-making that's doing it for him!

Will report back on results and thoughts after the match. When I'm done hosting, I've also got some practice lined up to get real serious - it's less than 24 hours till the match now!

EDIT: LiiLD.C. lost a huge amount of archers. Considering he started with DR, this is a big blow. From what I think I know, DR needs momentum. Without momentum, you won't get anywhere with this hero. Silence by itself, or even black arrow, has limited use for fighting out of tight corners. They've both got 1 base and are fighting continuously. But I got the feeling no matter how many units LiiLD.C. kills, he won't be able to finish off the game at any point because of the way their heroes work. G1 going to go to Happy soon.

EDIT 2: Close pos TR. LiiLD.C. went back to what I think is his prime weapon in fighting against UD: DH + Panda and his T3 + dryads only strategy. He fends off harass extremely well and plays surprisingly aggressive. This game is not going very well for Happy and it may be (bit early to say, but..) going into a 3rd game.

EDIT 3: Happy won 2/0. Feel sorry for Daniel, because he seemed really frustrated. He must've felt with a good start he should've been able to achieve more, and Happy picking up an Exp tome in front of him must've made him feel like it's slipping away. Some fights, some forgotten dusts of appearance and eventually he lost. I'm happy for Happy, though!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Replies to meaning of life

Gravatar Grubby,

As long as we all enjoy life, is there really anything else to it? I've always believed that even the concept of a "meaning" of life is almost arbitrary, given that our bodies are wired in a way similar to that of a computer.

I am loving the xfire stream, keep up the good work!

Completely agree. I actually see no meaning in life, just taking the opportunity of actually having it. I try not to spend my time being afraid of death, but rather being happy that I am alive in the first place. I surely live without regrets, for we (hopefully) have freedom to do whatever we want. A choice made is a choice in history. Pleasure is all that's between being born and saying goodbye. How you get that pleasure - now there's a question that can be answered in an infinite amount of ways. As long as you harm none on your way to achieve that :)

Gravatar I agree I think life is what you make of it Grub, if we stop to question it every time you'll find it passing you by...then you will find yourself wondering why didn't I just live?

I'll be waiting for your games man GL HF

Gravatar Life is a lesson, you know it when you're trough.

Gravatar Life is a lesson, you learn it when
you're trough.

*sry for double, and nice pwning satiini in ladder

Gravatar I really enjoyed the games you played today on Xfire, gives a good insight in the way you keep tabs on everything (and absolutely everything)...

good stuff & keep em coming...

Gravatar well , it's a pretty hard question to say what exactly meaning of life is !
every single human has own way of life , and own thoughts about meaning of life.
i lived in a 2 different countries , in Czech Republic and Russia ( where i'm atm ), the people in these countries are a bit different in a head ( i mean in a mind , in thoughts ) , but they are similar at what they are doing , in their acts ! People are studying ,people are working hard , people are trying to make everything for a family , for a kids ( children must grow up in happiness and well-being )
so the meaning of life mostly is to make everything you can for a new generation , to make their future much better than we had ( at least a bit )

Gravatar Jason, theoretical physicists spend their whole lives trying to answer that very question and questions similar. Would you consider that a life wasted?

To some of us, an unanswered question is an unfathomable annoyance, they have to be answered. The human desire to understand the universe around us led to the discovery of alternate galaxies, Andromeda for example. In roughly 2.5 billions years our galaxy will collide with Andromeda, forming an elliptical galaxy, destroying ours.

In 1.5 billion years this planet will no longer be habitable. This list goes on, believe me.

Short of finding some way to get off this planet, humans will inevitably be wiped out. Right now, there are people in labs and observatories looking for earth like planets, to better understand this universe and our place in it.

The quest to answer that question and others like it is the only thing that stands between us and annihilation.

"if we stop to question it every time you'll find it passing you by"

If we don't stop to question it, life will pass our species by completely.


Gravatar Hi, thx for the ladder games was very entertaining.

About the meaning of life, i have my personnal idea about that, but it would be too long to explain, too personnal and too unsure that i'll just say the "big lines".
I believe humans are just a species in the middle of others, but all species have a rôle in this world, they're all part of ecosystems which have an impact on other species, and we humans, have to find out what's our rôle and i guess this is the way to find out what's the real meaning of life. Every species has his "skills", abilities they're using every day to keep the ecosystem stable. Human skills are simple, they have the conscience, the possibility to make reasonnings and communicate with each other, they even can act grouped, organised in the same goal; we have to use this gifts and complete the ecosystem. By ecosystem, i'm thinking about the world, the things around us, etc.
That was what i believe in.

Your question about the things we take for granted, what things are you talking about exactly ?

For my philosophical moments, it's way too complicated to explain all here, but i would just say that i'm trying to act following the beliefes i have so i don't have any regrets, only happyness ^^.

Sorry for my english which is not perfect, i hope some people will find interest in what i said =)

Standing still and looking around

When I woke up today I had one of those moments where I had the feeling I am looking at my life "through the matrix". I was questioning every truth that I take for granted every day. I was putting question marks behind every assumption like "life goes on", wondering what happens when we die, what's the meaning of life. I was discarding the possibility of time travel. And eventually I always marvel about the wonder of the internet.

How would someone who lived 2300 years ago feel if you told them that a spoken word in Europe could be heard by someone in Asia? And that no one who was standing in between them could hear it? How did this invention of the internet come to pass? I wake up every day to have breakfast, ignoring the wonder of fresh running water out of the sink and press a little metal button on my computer that creates electrical currents within which fire up a life of something beyond which ever existed before: the internet. The unlikely connection of billions all over the world - at what seems like the speed of light. We don't need to know how it works to use it.

And so it goes for nearly anything in life. We have become so dependent on each other's knowledge that a life alone seems nearly unimaginable. We have become specialists. Providing something of value to others in the society, be it production, adding value, entertaining, educating, etc. That's why we should always remain free in distributing our ideas and knowledge. That's why I'll be streaming some of my private practice games on XFire today, probably if I can find some ladder games! I'll actually start pretty soon, probably at 17:00 CET or 17:30 CET.

As usual, you can find this at:


What do you think is the meaning of life? And do you ever stop to wonder at all these things we take for granted? What are your philosophical moments about?


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DWDD - Translated to English

Grubby was on a famous Dutch TV show "De Wereld Draait Door" on the 19th March 2009. De Wereld Draait Door has about a million or more viewers, and is LIVE on TV around 7.30pm every week day on "Nederland 2" in The Netherlands. Literally, it means in English "The World Revolves".

Through this TV Show, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen represented the e-Sports athletes all over the world, and showed the world our world of Electronic Sports.

Thanks to GeYadrON for translating this:

Host: Have you ever heard of Grubby before? Real name Manuel Schenkhuizen. Not really I suppose. And still he's an absolute international star, world champion in the game warcraft 3. Documentary maker Jos ter Putten [spelling unsure] made a fascinating documentary called "beyond the game", about the world championship 2007 in Seattle, a battle between grubby and Sky. Grubby and Jos are at here at the table, welcome guys. Well, I just asked the audience and people in the living room, a number of people will know you, but they are the fans of the game (and they are a lot make no mistake) but you are a world star and we can see it in the documentary by Jos, a boy from Venezuela comes all the way to Rotterdam to see you [Grubby].

**video clip**
I first flew to Paris then London and then to Eindhoven. I took the train and after 1.5 hours i was in Rotterdam. I walked about 40 km through the city, and then another two to get here. Im here for one thing only to see 4K.Gubby.

Grubby: I'm honored. *laughs*
Host: Jos you made this film, you show (at least to me) a whole new world, the world of gaming one thats unbelievably big. At least i find out.
Jos (Director): Yeah, especially in Asia, globally its the world of a new generation, so it expands [as in, continually]
Host: We are both men of sports we like soccer etcetera. Is this sport? They are matadors in a game.
Jos (Director): Well its funny, they are matadors, but if its a sport im not so sure. And since its so new we dont have a word for it yet. This is why i made this film.
Host: to discover it?
Jos (Director): Yes is a film about discovering.
Host: Manuel, how did yet into the game? Just bored, at home, in puberty, lounging...
Grubby: Well I've been trying to figure it out. It went normally, I like playing games and eventually found out i was reasonably good at it. And well someone suggest to go to a qualifying match. Well i did and qualified and since then its tournament after tournament.
Host: You're a professional now, right?
Grubby: Yes.
Host: You make alot of money, right?
Grubby: Well, its no 'vetpot" [literally fatjar, for me untranslatable word, indicating gains from certain action/occupation. only used in this specific proverb] I think being a TV host pays more.
Host: Ho ho! *chuckling*

Host: We're going to watch a beautiful scene, a scene between you an Sky, a Chinese guy that plays this game 16 hours a day.
Grubby: Well, don't think every day...
Host: Well he says so in the film. 16 hours a day! How much do you play it?
Grubby: Well it depends, whenever I have time.
Host: and that is?
Grubby: Well, all the time I can get. It can be 8 hours.
Host: 18 hours a day you're playing this game. We'll see the finale, we have to pretend its inside a football stadium, filled with people we don't see but I like saying it [to impose the scope on the unknowing dutch audience]. You enter like matadors, its being covered by professional commentators. We see for a bit how big this sport is.

**English video, epic 2007 WCG finals**

Host: We can hear the audience, you lose this match. Right now your world champion, correct?
Grubby: Yeah, bad timing on his part.
Host: Actually for a film better right?
Jos (Director): I like losers better than winners as you know.
Host: What to you want to tell with story Jos?
Jos (Director): Well, when I started it I wasn't sure. Its a search for a new world. I mean the cyber world, the gaming world is a sort of revolution. Every revolution makes its new kind of man, but also eats its children so theres a possible tension there. I only did it cause i eventually understood I could make a western in cyberspace.
Host: A western?
Jos (Director): Yes, you have two guys who are very different. He's the creative player from the old world, europe, Sky is more the hard worker from Asia.
Host: Chinese
Jos (Director): And they represent different cultures, different play styles different life cycle. And eventually, just like in a western they oppose each other with blazing guns, only it looks like this.

Co-hostess: But in what are you so good? What makes you so good? I'm thinking, cause you are fast with buttons or...what do you do well? [very difficult to translate, we gamers would define what she's trying to uncover as "skill", which in game terms has no dutch equivalent]
Grubby: Well, its a a kind of strategic game, which to explain to "leken" [newb, not the insult but a person unfamiliar with something] can be compared to chess only infinitely more complex then chess, and as you said you have to be fast to be good at it. It's a combination of analyzing your opponent and yourself, and then by trying to outsmart your ingenious opponent, beat him.
Host: You say chess, which is interesting, since at the IDFA film festival where the film launched you met Gary Kasparov who was involved in a different film. The great Russian chess player, perhaps the best, but he doesn't play anymore. You met, and he knew you! Let's have a look.

**English video**

Host: Is this an empty world Jos?
Jos (Director): No.
Host: Of boys who for 16, 12 hours a day, sorry for asking this question, sit behind a screen searching for the other army? Or is it no different then a chess player or soccer player who don't do anything else the entire day? Should we see it like that?
Jos (Director): Well it isn't a question of difference. All those things are rolled into it. But I think, like with chess you have a lot of kids worldwide who want to be Gary Kasparov. A lot drop out, undoubtedly many go crazy. Just with chess, because we have accepted it nobody asked whether Kasparov is addicted to chess. With Manuel its different, [insert babbling]. It's a typical responds from an older generation to something a younger generation comes with and finds itself in.
Host: I actually made something of an old men's comment?
Jos (Director): A little, yes. Well, you have innovations in your program. Something I remembered when I started, there's a famous video from 1962 of a TV host who says "and now stop this rock'n'roll" and proceeds to smash those records, remember?
Host: Yes I do.
Jos (Director): Well that's the reaction of an older generation to something new, thats is how things go 'a priori'.

Host: Let's have a look, cause you're also at Sky the Chinese opponent with whom you fight for the world title. You go to his parents, who wanted to beat it out of him but didn't succeed. Right now [during the film] he's world champion, bought his parent a home, cars etc. Let's see the parents.

Sky's mother: Sometimes I hit him with a stick, but he kept playing his games. He said nothing and underwent his punishment. He is really rebellious. Truly a stubborn child.
Sky: I don't think I'm that smart. I'm quite slow. To compensate i have to work harder then others. They practice perhaps three hours a day, I at least twelve.
** video**

Host: When will you see him again? When will you meet [as in play against each other]?
Grubby: Well I hope not during the WCG cause I lost three times to him there.
Host: Whats the big tournament that you are focusing on right now?
Grubby: Well the funny thing is we have about 20 tournaments a year but still its the WCG that is special, its a kind of olympics for gamers and has a special feeling for us gamers.
Host: May I wish you good luck there? and thank you for coming here to explain something of this wondrous world. Thank you.

Human weeks coming up

After the clanwar last night, we made some crazy nice chicken curry.. well, "we"... Cassandra mostly, with me doing the dishes (and with some excellently peeled potatoes, if I do say so myself). After I ate it was around midnight and I went upstairs again. I discussed the line-up for the clanwar against World Elite on friday. Then I went to study the replays of the day.
For example: Raptor vs Colorful, us vs nGt, some NGL 1on1 replays. I ended up watching and re-watching replays for hours.

Today, I just had a business meeting at 1 PM. It's 5 PM now and I'm ready to start my training. My next two upcoming matches in NGL 1on1 are against InFi and XlorD on 3rd and 5th April respectively. With our next clanwar being against World Elite ... that means alotta humans coming up! I know what I'll be doing the next 2 weeks... dreams of towers and toppling them ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

5-0 vs nGt

So it seems people really enjoyed the stream from what I've heard! Main problem was: not enough viewer capacity. Maybe you can go to and let them know you'd wish for higher caps or something :)

We won the clanwar 5-0 which is a great result for us, and momentarily puts us on #1 leaderboard! When you are rank #1 for the time being in the online season, your logo will be displayed and it will link to your website. Normally that's a nice extra bonus, but our team name is MYM there and we aren't really MYM anymore. Moreover, no one is working on anymore and it's not really ours too. Right now we don't know what's going to happen with that but we hope that everything will be ok and we will have a stable team to play WC3L and do everything else with.

Happy just did what he had to and 2-0 both his opponents quite convincingly. I dropped a map against sonik in g1, because I misjudged the strategy he'd be going for (or perhaps he adapted to mine). In game 2 against bly, I wanted to go for a quick finish but I shouldn't have tried anymore when I saw his DK was level 3 ( shouldn't have let him creep goblinshop so freely in the first place...)

And for now: a starved Grubby wishes to eat some food... didn't eat much today, cuz I don't wanna have a full stomach on a clanwar, but since it lasted 4 hours (the cw), it means my appetite became huge. So we're going to cook together now, probably chicken curry.


XFire so far: 2v2 & 1v1 vs Sonik

So far I've streamed the 2v2 vs iGc without a problem, maybe 1 or 2 spikes in the whole game. I don't know what's responsible for that. As for my series against PornoSonik, I actually had no problem in game 1 but in game 2 it was quite spiky. So unfortunately I had to close it down. As a "I-make-it-up-to-you" (in the absence of bonbon chocolates), I watched the replays of g2 & g3 with everyone who was watching.

Although I'm afraid that may have gone quite too fast to follow with any kind of satisfaction for anyone who hadn't seen the game yet :)

As always the replays are of course on-line by the hardworking staff of ESL. BTW, ESL seems to have a new Wc3 admin, namely WC3L.Crucy. He's doing a fine job so far, let's all welcome him :p Maybe you can leave him a comment on Yes, I am trying to stimulate the scene, so what =) good admins improve everyone's experience, I think! That's really what I like about WC3L & NGL though, there are always enough admins who usually without any personal gain are trying to make everything run smoothly. At least I have very dear memories of my entire WC3L & NGL playing career. They are kind of the red line through all of eSports progaming for Warcraft III.

Happy is 1-0 up against Bly, and is probably playing Game 2 now. Sonik is waiting for Happy and I am waiting for Bly. I will try to stream my series against Bly once more, so for all who are waiting, more will (probably) come! :)


KaoS Contingency WC3 & CounterStrike Tourney

Dear readers,

Politeness demands I write this in English, but it really only concerns Dutch gamers... or perhaps enthusiastic Belgian, German or Luxembourgian gamers :)

Have a look at these links: <= sign-ups <=mainpage

KaoS is an organisation which is opening a new Gaming Center in Netherlands in the city of Weesp (googlemap to find out exactly where). They're going to be hosting an opening tournament on May 9 & 10 with competitions of Warcraft III & Counterstrike Source.

Tournament information:
Game: Counterstrike: Source
Date: 9 May
Prizepurse: 1000 Euro*
Maximum contestants: 16

Game: Warcraft 3
Date: 10 May
Prizepurse: 750 Euro*
Maximum contestants: 32

The sign-up fee for a WC3 participant is 30 euros. If I have time I will definitely go there myself. New tournaments are always good news so the news deserves to be spread.


About my XFire stream at 6pm...

As I stated before, I will be back and playing at 18:00 for the clan war. I'm going to have some food first. I also tested the broadcast and it seems to be working fine. I've put the minimum FPS of 25 so that I will probably have no problems in streaming.

The sound works (through microphone near my speakers) but I won't be using it as I prefer to use my Steelseries 5Hv2 for hearing my own game sound rather than putting it on the table near my 10 Watt speakers. So you'll have to do without sound! Perhaps in the future when I stream some ladder games (For season 7) I can do some casting while I play :)

HF for our CW vs nGt!

Catch me if you can - on XFire!

Since 1.23 came, many children all around the world know there is nothing more they could wish for: Christmas came early. With everyone so happy, it is easy to forget that Waaaghtv got struck an unfortunate blow: this dinosaur of a program, which we yet owe so much viewing pleasure to, is having some hiccups to cope with the new patch.

Being a fan myself, I have a thorough understanding what kind of impact this malfunction may nonetheless have in the lives of many. To provide some comfort for Warcraft III fans, ex-4Kings fans, ex-MYM fans and Grubby fans, I've decided to stream as much games as possible through XFire tomorrow for the WC3L Clanwar in Playday 4, of ex-MYM against nGt (ex-BraBlay).

Since I have never used this program while playing a real match before, I'll have to do a bit of testing and see if everything goes alright. If I have any problems where it interferes with performance, I unfortunately have to cease using it. But if all goes well, I hope I can stream all of my games. That way, the people who can watch can shoutcast the game to the other people waiting in the room!

So watch today (23 March) at 18:00 CET, on !


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Grubby on "De Wereld Draait Door"

Grubby was on a famous Dutch TV show "De Wereld Draait Door" on the 19th March 2009. De Wereld Draait Door has about a million or more viewers, and is LIVE on TV around 7.30pm every week day on "Nederland 2" in The Netherlands. Literally, it means in English "The World Revolves".

Through this TV Show, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen represented the e-Sports athletes all over the world, and showed the world our world of Electronic Sports.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grubby's Accomplishments

Being the only progamer in the world who has both ESWC and WCG titles, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen is arguably the most accomplished Warcraft III player.

Awards and nominations
Nominated for eSports Player of the Year 2004 (eSports-Awards)
Nominated for Best Warcraft 3 Player of the Year 2004 (eSports-Awards)
Nominated for eSports Player of the Year 2005 (eSports-Awards)
Voted Best Warcraft 3 Player of the Year 2005 (eSports-Awards)
Voted Best eSports Team of the Year 2005 as part of 4Kings.wc3 (eSports-Awards)
Voted Best Warcraft 3 Player of the Year 2006 (eSports-Awards)
Voted eSports Player of the Year 2006 (eSports-Awards)
Nominated for eSports Player of the year 2008 (eSports-Awards)
Voted Warcraft 3 Player of the Year 2009 (eSports-Awards)

Grubby receiving the e-Sports awards on stage, usually accompanied by a little speech.

Voted Gosu Gamer of the Year 2006 (
Voted Gosu Gamer of the Year 2008 (

ESL WC3L Season 5 Most Valuable Player
ESL WC3L Season 7 Most Valuable Player
ESL WC3L Season 8 Most Valuable Player
ESL WC3L Season 9 Most Valuable Player
ESL WC3L Season 10 Most Valuable Player

Online Accomplishments
Reached #1 of the Solo Ladder on all four Battlenet gateways
Reached #1 of the FFA Ladder on Battlenet Northrend
Reached #1 of the RT Ladder on Battlenet Northrend
1st Place - WC3 1on1 Turnier Nr.48
1st Place - TFT 1on1 Turnier Nr.65
1st Place - TFT 1on1 Turnier Nr.66
1st Place - TFT 1on1 Turnier Nr.70
1st Place - ingame.Go4WC3-Cup Nr.97
1st Place - ingame.Go4WC3-Cup Nr.100
1st Place - WCReplays Almojo $1000 Tournament
1st Place - 2nd $250 Showmatch
1st Place - WC3 Masters #2
1st Place - WC3 Masters #3
1st Place - WC3 Masters June Finals
1st Place - WC3 Masters #9
1st Place - WC3 Masters 2on2 #1
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #1 Winter Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #3 Winter Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #8 Winter Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup Final Winter Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #2 Spring Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #7 Spring Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #8 Spring Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup Final Spring Season
1st Place - ingame.Warcraft-Cup #4 Summer Season 2005
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #17
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #18
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #19
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #21
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #22
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #36
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #40
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #51
1st Place - ZOTAC Warcraft 3 Cup #52
2nd Place - NGTV League Season 1 Aug-Oct 2008
1st Place - AMD Black All Stars October 2008
2nd Place - 2on2 Fit4Gaming December 2008
1st Place - GOMtv World Invitational (GWI) June 2009

Clan Leagues
With Four-Kings:
1st Place - MCL Season 1
1st Place - ESL WC3L Season 4
2nd Place - ESL WC3L Season 5
1st Place - ESL WC3L Season 7
1st Place - ESL WC3L Season 8
2nd Place - ESL WC3L Season 9
1st Place - ESL WC3L Season 10
2nd Place - ESL WC3L Season 11
3rd Place - NGL-ONE Season 1
3rd Place - NGL-ONE Season 2
3rd Place - NGL-ONE Season 3

Grubby with 4Kings at Games Convention 2007.

With MYM:
1st Place - ESL WC3L Season 13
3rd Place - ESL WC3L Season 14
3rd Place - NGL-ONE Season 5
3rd Place - Road of the King Wuhan

With EG:
3rd Place - WC3L Season 15

LAN Achievements
2nd Place - ESWC 2005 Dutch Qualifiers
1st Place - WCG ECG 2005
1st Place - Revelcell Masters
1st Place - CPL Turkey
1st Place - ACON5 Benelux Qualifiers
1st Place - World Cyber Games 2004
1st Place - Cyber X Games
1st Place - 3 Dutch LAN tournaments
1st Place - c58 Cyberfight tournament
1st Place - ACON4 Dutch Qualifiers

3rd Place in 2v2 World Cyber Games 2003 with Myth
1st Place - 2005 Samsung European Championship (Hannover - Germany)
1st Place - 2005 Electronic Sports World Cup (Paris - France)
1st Place - 2005 Cyberathlete Professional League Istanbul (Istanbul - Turkey)
1st Place - 2005 Digital Life Gaming Tournament (New York - USA)
1st Place - 2005 Revellcell Masters (Germany)
1st Place - 2005 BlizzCon (Los Angeles - USA)
3rd Place - 2005 World Cyber Games (Singapore - Singapore)
1st Place - 2005 Warcraft 3 Champions League VIII (Cologne - Germany)
2nd Place - 2006 Trans-Atlantic Showdown 2v2 (With ToD) (New York - USA)
2nd Place - 2006 Stars War II (Shanghai - China)
2nd Place - 2006 Stars War III (Xian - China)
2nd Place - 2006 Blizzard Worldwide Invitational (Seoul - South Korea)
1st Place - 2006 Samsung European Championship (Germany)
2nd Place - 2006 World e-Sports Games Masters 2006 (Hangzhou - China)
1st Place - 2006 V-Sports All-Stars (New York - USA)
1st Place - 2006 World E-Sports Festival (Qingdao - China)
2nd Place - 2006 ClanBase EuroCup XII (Copenhagen - Denmark)
1st Place - WSVG Qualifier, October 2006, (London - UK)
1st Place - WSVG Grand Finals, December 2006, (New York - USA)
3rd Place - KODE5 2006, September 2006, (Beijing - China)
1st Place - Warcraft World War, October 2006, (Seoul - South Korea)
2nd Place - SuperFight II, November 2006, (Seoul - South Korea)
3rd Place - Battlenet Season 4, January 2007, (Cologne -Germany)
1st Place - Warcraft World War, February 2007, (Seoul - South Korea)
3rd Place - European Cyber Games, March 2007, (Hannover - Germany)
4th Place - World Series of Video Games, May 2007, (Wuhan - China)
3rd Place - Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, May 2007, (Los Angeles - USA)
1st Place - ESWC Dutch Qualifiers, 20th May 2007, (Enschede - Netherlands)
3rd Place - Battlenet Season 5 Europe Finals, 22nd -23rd June 2007, (Hamburg - Germany)
3rd Place - ESWC Global Finals, 5th-8th July, (Paris- France)
2nd Place - Stars War IV, 12-15th July, (Shanghai - China)

Grubby has been named by his fans as "The King of Orcs".

5th Place - PGL Season 2, 17th - 26th July 2007, (Beijing - China)
3rd Place - W3 Summer Grand Prix, 28th-29th July 2007, (Seoul - South Korea)
3rd Place - Blizzcon 2007, 3rd - 5th August 2007, (Orange County - California - USA)
3rd Place - eStars 2007, 11-12th August 2007 (Shared 3rd/4th), (Seoul - South Korea)
1st Place - WCG Dutch Finals, 30th August 2007, (Rotterdam - Netherlands)
1st Place - Clanbase EuroCup 2007, 8-9th September 2007, (Enschede - Netherlands)
1st Place - KODE5 Dutch Qualifiers, 27th-28th October 2007, (Enschede - Netherlands)
1st Place - DreamHack Winter, November 2007, (Jönköping - Sweden)
2nd Place - Extreme Masters Season II, March 2008, (Hannover - Germany)
1st Place - ESWC Netherlands Qualifier 2008, 7 June 2008, (Enschede - Netherlands)
3rd Place - Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008, 28-29 June 2008, (Paris - France)
1st Place - WCG Netherlands Qualifier 2008, 12 July 2008, (Rotterdam - Netherlands)
1st Place - eStars Seoul, 24-27 July 2008, (Seoul - South Korea)
1st Place - EPS Benelux, 6 September 2008, (Utrecht - Netherlands)
1st Place - WCG Dutch Finals, 27 September 2008, (Amsterdam - Netherlands)
3rd Place - World e-Sports Masters 2008, 24-2 Oct-Nov 2008, (Hangzhou - China)
1st Place - World Cyber Games 2008, 5-9 November 2008, (Cologne - Germany)
1st Place - Extreme Masters III - Korea, 13-20 November 2008, (Seoul - South Korea)
2nd Place - Extreme Masters III - China, January 2009, (Chengdu - China)
2nd Place - Blizzard Season 7 - Europe Regionals, June 2009 (Cologne - Germany)
1st Place - e-Stars 2009 - King of the Game, July 2009 (Seoul - South Korea)
2nd Place - BlizzCon 2009, August 2009 (Orange County - California - USA)