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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DWDD - Translated to English

Grubby was on a famous Dutch TV show "De Wereld Draait Door" on the 19th March 2009. De Wereld Draait Door has about a million or more viewers, and is LIVE on TV around 7.30pm every week day on "Nederland 2" in The Netherlands. Literally, it means in English "The World Revolves".

Through this TV Show, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen represented the e-Sports athletes all over the world, and showed the world our world of Electronic Sports.

Thanks to GeYadrON for translating this:

Host: Have you ever heard of Grubby before? Real name Manuel Schenkhuizen. Not really I suppose. And still he's an absolute international star, world champion in the game warcraft 3. Documentary maker Jos ter Putten [spelling unsure] made a fascinating documentary called "beyond the game", about the world championship 2007 in Seattle, a battle between grubby and Sky. Grubby and Jos are at here at the table, welcome guys. Well, I just asked the audience and people in the living room, a number of people will know you, but they are the fans of the game (and they are a lot make no mistake) but you are a world star and we can see it in the documentary by Jos, a boy from Venezuela comes all the way to Rotterdam to see you [Grubby].

**video clip**
I first flew to Paris then London and then to Eindhoven. I took the train and after 1.5 hours i was in Rotterdam. I walked about 40 km through the city, and then another two to get here. Im here for one thing only to see 4K.Gubby.

Grubby: I'm honored. *laughs*
Host: Jos you made this film, you show (at least to me) a whole new world, the world of gaming one thats unbelievably big. At least i find out.
Jos (Director): Yeah, especially in Asia, globally its the world of a new generation, so it expands [as in, continually]
Host: We are both men of sports we like soccer etcetera. Is this sport? They are matadors in a game.
Jos (Director): Well its funny, they are matadors, but if its a sport im not so sure. And since its so new we dont have a word for it yet. This is why i made this film.
Host: to discover it?
Jos (Director): Yes is a film about discovering.
Host: Manuel, how did yet into the game? Just bored, at home, in puberty, lounging...
Grubby: Well I've been trying to figure it out. It went normally, I like playing games and eventually found out i was reasonably good at it. And well someone suggest to go to a qualifying match. Well i did and qualified and since then its tournament after tournament.
Host: You're a professional now, right?
Grubby: Yes.
Host: You make alot of money, right?
Grubby: Well, its no 'vetpot" [literally fatjar, for me untranslatable word, indicating gains from certain action/occupation. only used in this specific proverb] I think being a TV host pays more.
Host: Ho ho! *chuckling*

Host: We're going to watch a beautiful scene, a scene between you an Sky, a Chinese guy that plays this game 16 hours a day.
Grubby: Well, don't think every day...
Host: Well he says so in the film. 16 hours a day! How much do you play it?
Grubby: Well it depends, whenever I have time.
Host: and that is?
Grubby: Well, all the time I can get. It can be 8 hours.
Host: 18 hours a day you're playing this game. We'll see the finale, we have to pretend its inside a football stadium, filled with people we don't see but I like saying it [to impose the scope on the unknowing dutch audience]. You enter like matadors, its being covered by professional commentators. We see for a bit how big this sport is.

**English video, epic 2007 WCG finals**

Host: We can hear the audience, you lose this match. Right now your world champion, correct?
Grubby: Yeah, bad timing on his part.
Host: Actually for a film better right?
Jos (Director): I like losers better than winners as you know.
Host: What to you want to tell with story Jos?
Jos (Director): Well, when I started it I wasn't sure. Its a search for a new world. I mean the cyber world, the gaming world is a sort of revolution. Every revolution makes its new kind of man, but also eats its children so theres a possible tension there. I only did it cause i eventually understood I could make a western in cyberspace.
Host: A western?
Jos (Director): Yes, you have two guys who are very different. He's the creative player from the old world, europe, Sky is more the hard worker from Asia.
Host: Chinese
Jos (Director): And they represent different cultures, different play styles different life cycle. And eventually, just like in a western they oppose each other with blazing guns, only it looks like this.

Co-hostess: But in what are you so good? What makes you so good? I'm thinking, cause you are fast with buttons or...what do you do well? [very difficult to translate, we gamers would define what she's trying to uncover as "skill", which in game terms has no dutch equivalent]
Grubby: Well, its a a kind of strategic game, which to explain to "leken" [newb, not the insult but a person unfamiliar with something] can be compared to chess only infinitely more complex then chess, and as you said you have to be fast to be good at it. It's a combination of analyzing your opponent and yourself, and then by trying to outsmart your ingenious opponent, beat him.
Host: You say chess, which is interesting, since at the IDFA film festival where the film launched you met Gary Kasparov who was involved in a different film. The great Russian chess player, perhaps the best, but he doesn't play anymore. You met, and he knew you! Let's have a look.

**English video**

Host: Is this an empty world Jos?
Jos (Director): No.
Host: Of boys who for 16, 12 hours a day, sorry for asking this question, sit behind a screen searching for the other army? Or is it no different then a chess player or soccer player who don't do anything else the entire day? Should we see it like that?
Jos (Director): Well it isn't a question of difference. All those things are rolled into it. But I think, like with chess you have a lot of kids worldwide who want to be Gary Kasparov. A lot drop out, undoubtedly many go crazy. Just with chess, because we have accepted it nobody asked whether Kasparov is addicted to chess. With Manuel its different, [insert babbling]. It's a typical responds from an older generation to something a younger generation comes with and finds itself in.
Host: I actually made something of an old men's comment?
Jos (Director): A little, yes. Well, you have innovations in your program. Something I remembered when I started, there's a famous video from 1962 of a TV host who says "and now stop this rock'n'roll" and proceeds to smash those records, remember?
Host: Yes I do.
Jos (Director): Well that's the reaction of an older generation to something new, thats is how things go 'a priori'.

Host: Let's have a look, cause you're also at Sky the Chinese opponent with whom you fight for the world title. You go to his parents, who wanted to beat it out of him but didn't succeed. Right now [during the film] he's world champion, bought his parent a home, cars etc. Let's see the parents.

Sky's mother: Sometimes I hit him with a stick, but he kept playing his games. He said nothing and underwent his punishment. He is really rebellious. Truly a stubborn child.
Sky: I don't think I'm that smart. I'm quite slow. To compensate i have to work harder then others. They practice perhaps three hours a day, I at least twelve.
** video**

Host: When will you see him again? When will you meet [as in play against each other]?
Grubby: Well I hope not during the WCG cause I lost three times to him there.
Host: Whats the big tournament that you are focusing on right now?
Grubby: Well the funny thing is we have about 20 tournaments a year but still its the WCG that is special, its a kind of olympics for gamers and has a special feeling for us gamers.
Host: May I wish you good luck there? and thank you for coming here to explain something of this wondrous world. Thank you.