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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

*New video added* - Mogulus Followgrubby

*New video added to my Mogulus programming*

If you forgot the link:

I've added a new video from my hard disk. It's called "AbuseYouDNA 4th" officially. Made by Fengge, a good friend of mine who's working for Chinese portal at the moment. He nicknamed himself "AbuseYouDNA" also, as that was one of my famous Ladder accounts.

I redubbed the file to "Grubby Yesterday", because of the topic and the chosen sound track. It's also meaningful because he's used Evercraft or some such program to view the old classical replays again - me against Insomnia, MaDFroG and suhO, also Moon from WEG Masters 2006 :)

I hope you enjoy watching this video at least half as much as I do! (length: 2 minutes, 9 seconds)