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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mogulus Live Programming and Streaming

First Mogulus Programming Playing NOW!

After working on it for so long, it's quite satisfying that I got it working eventually!
Again, loads of thanks to DeathWing (nl) for guiding me through it. Also thanks to RaGe from Team Liquid for writing the guide on how to do it: GUIDE and thanks to Jos de Kroon (Ret)

I've now got a solid program running of little more than 1 1/2 hours of constant shows!

Follow this link:

The program for now is:
  1. tributary video for me when I attended KODE5 in Moscow (28 seconds)
  2. Grubby vs Moon @ WCG 2008 Finals Game 1 (TR) (25 minutes 27 seconds)
  3. Grubby vs Moon @ WCG 2008 Finals Game 2 (SV) (31 minutes 44 seconds)
  4. Grubby vs Moon @ WCG 2008 Finals Game 3 (TM) (25 minutes 24 seconds)
  5. Grubby fan video by from WCG 2008 (9 minutes 34 seconds)
As soon as I start running a Live Show, the standard looping programming will flow over into my First Person VOD. I'm planning to start it some time soon (I wanted to promise now, but I've got a bit more testing to do. Anyway, I always reserve the right to epic fails, and you won't get your money back :> )

So why don't you log-in already? The viewer cap for now is 50, but I've applied for verification and I hope they will grant it soon. I should have a cap of a 1000 viewers then.

I hope the quality is fine for everyone.