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Monday, April 20, 2009

eStars Seoul - The community decides

This blog gonna be a real quickie, as I've got to make up for time in Ladder Season 7. Namely because I just disconnected a game (luckily my first and only so far) in Season 7. How annoying it is to lose all that effort. Not to mention the game was 100% over =p

But I should consider myself lucky it was just the one game... anyway..


Community decides, guys. eStars always lets the fans vote so that everyone's favourite teams can be seen in action at this great event. And teams / players will try to influence the way the fans vote... by telling them who to vote for. I'm not like that... but I'm going to leave a faint suggestion in the trend of: it would be very nice if Happy and Grubby could both attend eStars!!!

Moreover while you're taking a vote, why not throw EG.USA a bone? See how their new Hybrid American/ European (Lurppis) is going to do at their first event. =)

As for now, it's back to the Net where all we do is Battle: Battle.Net!