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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mogulus - flickering problem

Just like DeathWing was helping me yesterday by updating my XFire and thus solving my problem of not being able to broadcast anymore (and suffering embarassment to everyone who was trying to watch ;) so did he help me today to set up my Mogulus with some streaming programs and encoders.

It has cost me the better part of 3 hours to finally set up everything and I think it's working properly now. I'm going to do some tests and see how it goes.

One thing what it said is that, excessive chat may cause lag for viewers. I expect that there could be quite a lot of chat and thus quite a lot of lag. I'd love to have chat included so I;m going to try that firstly, but if it doesn't work I'll have to disable chat and I'll please redirect you to communicate here on my blog instead :)

When am I going to stream next time? I haven't decided yet. But it could be pretty soon. Stay tuned for updates!


So I might need some help.

Everything works fine in windows. When I tab to fullscreen application Warcraft 3, it flickers continually, like a graphical bug.

When I run WC3 in windowed mode, it's fine (but I prefer not to, as this would impede my ability to play top notch).

Does anyone know whether it's possible at all to stream fullscreen applications correctly? A friend told me he has the same problem and found no solution.

Thanks for help!