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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Watch out, it's 1st of April!

I'm to April's Fools Day what the Grinch is to Christmas: I just don't like to play along. Sure, later in life I adjusted to society and did my part of deception and jokes. And yet from a very young age I remember I was always cranky on April's Fools Day. I would ask people not to joke around with me. Thinking the element of surprise was playing the main part in the wittiness of 1st of April jokes, I'd warn them that I am aware it's 1st of April, and that I wouldn't be caught off guard.

Despite all this, I fell prey to the tradition and made some people my prey... I felt acutely ashamed when I did one of the worst pranks ever...

1 April 2007

It happened at a late-night dinner at a steakhouse with Creo, RotterDaM, FuRy and Zeus. At some point during the consumption of the main course, I gave Creo the hidden sign. He knew what it meant, and he discretely fondled his pants for (no, not what you're thinking)... his phone. An inconspicuous press of the button, and a few seconds later, a familiar sound: someone got an SMS text message. I reach into my pants (that's not all we used to do in Four-Kings) and read what just came in. A look of pure disbelief, as I seemingly stops breathing. I slowly show the message to FuRy and Zeus, who are sitting across from me. My face is slack while my heart is racing: a feeling of extreme naughtiness and a dreading anticipation overcome me. What are we doing to those poor guys?!

The whole table falls silent, and everyone realizes that something terrible just happened. The festive atmosphere was instantly gone. The message read something along the lines of: "Just came from a meeting. Things not looking good at all. You won't get paid for the last few months, and the team is disbanding. Can't say more now, speak to you in a bit." - Sender: 4K.Tobes

Creo didn't need to ask what it read; it was he that sent it after all. I changed the name for Creo's phone number to 4K.Tobes... and well, you figure out the rest.

After a few moments of acting out the shock, Creo and me realized this 'joke' was causing them a heart attack. We broke out in hesitant smiles as FuRy and Zeus starting thinking about what day it is today... in nervous relief, everyone started laughing and I remember feeling extremely guilty for what I had done (it was my idea). Creo played his part, and I'm not sure if he felt 100% proud either ;) But it was damn, damn funny! You should've seen the look on those guys' faces! Haha :D


So, everyone... consider yourself forewarned! It's the 1st of April. I gave you fair warning. You deserve it. I hate pranks. And I apparently join in just the same. Remember: if you are able to avert major mental trauma: thanks to my warning!