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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Invited for a visit to Lordaeron; playing with HolyHuman

A day of doing my administrative work: it never really makes me very happy. Going through weeks old mail; sorting out the trash from the important; finding unopened birthday cards from the year 1998; it piles up and it becomes a lot of work.

Putting the work for today behind me, but my room still being in a paper-mess, I was looking forward to have some fun.

There was one day, a few weeks ago, where I was spammed with MSN add-requests by a couple of American guys. Turns out it was quite innocent, they weren't incessant spammers and just wanted to chat a bit. Every now and then we have a small chat or I give some advice.

Today, guy called Josh asked me to come to Lordaeron server to play a few games against HolyHuman. I know the guy is pretty good, and I had nothing else to do, so I took the opportunity. We ended up playing 3 games, first of which was on Echo Isles where the match-up was Orc vs Human. I did a towerrush strategy on his main base. I realised a bit too late he took his MK and expanded on my natural. It ended up being both of us having 2 bases with him solo MK + mercenaries and going for air, while I had BM + Panda, continually firebreathing his towers. The game became unexpectedly interesting, though I suspect neither of us give it our all :)

For game 2 & 3, we decided to mix things up and we went Random vs Random. He got Orc on Twisted Meadows while I got Undead. I just did standard strategy and tried to limit Orc's exponential strength by harassing him, wasting time and then doing a quick T3 push with ghoul+fiend. He's less familiar with the match-up, so Blademaster didn't save him.

On the last game, the map was turtle rock and I randomed into Night Elf while he had Undead. The game is a recommendation to watch, and I asked Josh to upload the replay and provide a link to it in the comments section of this blog. So go check it out - the strategies are relatively unusual.