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Thursday, April 2, 2009

WC3L Mousesports - unfortunately, a loss

Unfortunately we came out with a loss in today's clan war. I blame myself for losing to TH000. In the 3rd game, I did not* handle the battles very well at all. It's just a disappointment because I felt I could've gotten a lot more out of that game. They used exactly the players and map selection as we expected in the 1on1, so we tried to prepare as best we could.

Only in the 2v2 we were surprised: they went for an Orc+Undead team. Why didn't you predict this, GenoZ!! I feel we lucked out in game 3 because we were looking quite bad in the start, but got a series of hero kills. After the first kill (the SH), it just started snowballing and it became an avalanche. Maybe fly was being a bit too risky, maybe they had bad ping. It gave us an important win whichever way.

Against Fly: wow, I had 50 vs 70 food in both games! It's mind-boggling.
Against TH000: after picking up a win on the first win, I think a felt a little bit too comfortable. Echo Isles I never really had a chance, and well you know about G3 by now.

I didn't see Fly vs Happy yet, but that's what I usually do at night after 12 when it's hard to find practice partners already. I watch the day's replays and let it work on my subconsciousness when I sleep.

My feeling now:

Next matches: Infi 3 April (tomorrow) at 4 PM CET
XlorD on 5 April (sunday) at 4 PM CET

Humanz! May your masonry fall to bits, your towers crumble and your archmage fall off his horse! May my blades ever be sharp, my bloodlust everlasting and my minions be ever obedient!