Follow Grubby on his Pro-Gaming Adventures: Upcoming Schedule & Meeting EG CEO
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Upcoming Schedule & Meeting EG CEO

Next events on my schedule:

  1. WC3L Season 15 Play-offs: 25-27 May
  2. Season 7 Europe Regional Finals: date not announced yet
  3. Maybe eStars Seoul? Depends on vote/admin's decision :x
  4. NGL On-line season of course as usual
  5. (next matches: LiiLD.C @ 9 May and LucifroN 16 May)
What I'll be working on: becoming a more perfect player in every sense of the meaning. Even though I don't think my result at ESWC properly reflects my shape at all, I will find an even better formula for performing at top level every time when it matters.

Meeting the CEO

It was great to meet the CEO, the head of website and the CS team from Evil Geniuses. We did a lot of video footage together and I got to know them just a bit better. I also got my EG Team Wear Shirts from them. I'll feel proud about wearing those at the next events I'll be attending :)

By the way, here was my last blog on EG about my stay in Seoul:

You can find Happy's blog there as well. Obviously he wouldn't be too happy with 4th place but I think he did great personally.