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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy vs LiiLD.C. and more

Today's exploits... stayed up until 9 am because of medical emergency... had to wait until the Doctor's office opened at 8 am to get some meds...

Slept until 2 pm... got woken up by the doorbell, they delivered a package for Cassandra - seeds, bulbs, plants, to beautify our garden. I can imagine the gardener's delight in the growth of living things, and the beauty, but I don't quite have the patience or time for it, hehe. Still, it's nice to have a good-looking garden later on in the spring and in the summer, so I'm happy she's doing it.

Found out I forgot to write the statement for WE vs us - I agreed to do it and I should've done it few days ago but thought "there's plenty of time.." whoops! You can read it here:

Now I'm hosting for Happy vs LiiLD.C. their NGL match. AI TR MV are the maps and the order and it's DK vs DR on the first map. Happy always plays the same (no gargs) but still fricking hard for elves to beat him :P guess it's all micro and decision-making that's doing it for him!

Will report back on results and thoughts after the match. When I'm done hosting, I've also got some practice lined up to get real serious - it's less than 24 hours till the match now!

EDIT: LiiLD.C. lost a huge amount of archers. Considering he started with DR, this is a big blow. From what I think I know, DR needs momentum. Without momentum, you won't get anywhere with this hero. Silence by itself, or even black arrow, has limited use for fighting out of tight corners. They've both got 1 base and are fighting continuously. But I got the feeling no matter how many units LiiLD.C. kills, he won't be able to finish off the game at any point because of the way their heroes work. G1 going to go to Happy soon.

EDIT 2: Close pos TR. LiiLD.C. went back to what I think is his prime weapon in fighting against UD: DH + Panda and his T3 + dryads only strategy. He fends off harass extremely well and plays surprisingly aggressive. This game is not going very well for Happy and it may be (bit early to say, but..) going into a 3rd game.

EDIT 3: Happy won 2/0. Feel sorry for Daniel, because he seemed really frustrated. He must've felt with a good start he should've been able to achieve more, and Happy picking up an Exp tome in front of him must've made him feel like it's slipping away. Some fights, some forgotten dusts of appearance and eventually he lost. I'm happy for Happy, though!