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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Replies to meaning of life

Gravatar Grubby,

As long as we all enjoy life, is there really anything else to it? I've always believed that even the concept of a "meaning" of life is almost arbitrary, given that our bodies are wired in a way similar to that of a computer.

I am loving the xfire stream, keep up the good work!

Completely agree. I actually see no meaning in life, just taking the opportunity of actually having it. I try not to spend my time being afraid of death, but rather being happy that I am alive in the first place. I surely live without regrets, for we (hopefully) have freedom to do whatever we want. A choice made is a choice in history. Pleasure is all that's between being born and saying goodbye. How you get that pleasure - now there's a question that can be answered in an infinite amount of ways. As long as you harm none on your way to achieve that :)

Gravatar I agree I think life is what you make of it Grub, if we stop to question it every time you'll find it passing you by...then you will find yourself wondering why didn't I just live?

I'll be waiting for your games man GL HF

Gravatar Life is a lesson, you know it when you're trough.

Gravatar Life is a lesson, you learn it when
you're trough.

*sry for double, and nice pwning satiini in ladder

Gravatar I really enjoyed the games you played today on Xfire, gives a good insight in the way you keep tabs on everything (and absolutely everything)...

good stuff & keep em coming...

Gravatar well , it's a pretty hard question to say what exactly meaning of life is !
every single human has own way of life , and own thoughts about meaning of life.
i lived in a 2 different countries , in Czech Republic and Russia ( where i'm atm ), the people in these countries are a bit different in a head ( i mean in a mind , in thoughts ) , but they are similar at what they are doing , in their acts ! People are studying ,people are working hard , people are trying to make everything for a family , for a kids ( children must grow up in happiness and well-being )
so the meaning of life mostly is to make everything you can for a new generation , to make their future much better than we had ( at least a bit )

Gravatar Jason, theoretical physicists spend their whole lives trying to answer that very question and questions similar. Would you consider that a life wasted?

To some of us, an unanswered question is an unfathomable annoyance, they have to be answered. The human desire to understand the universe around us led to the discovery of alternate galaxies, Andromeda for example. In roughly 2.5 billions years our galaxy will collide with Andromeda, forming an elliptical galaxy, destroying ours.

In 1.5 billion years this planet will no longer be habitable. This list goes on, believe me.

Short of finding some way to get off this planet, humans will inevitably be wiped out. Right now, there are people in labs and observatories looking for earth like planets, to better understand this universe and our place in it.

The quest to answer that question and others like it is the only thing that stands between us and annihilation.

"if we stop to question it every time you'll find it passing you by"

If we don't stop to question it, life will pass our species by completely.


Gravatar Hi, thx for the ladder games was very entertaining.

About the meaning of life, i have my personnal idea about that, but it would be too long to explain, too personnal and too unsure that i'll just say the "big lines".
I believe humans are just a species in the middle of others, but all species have a rôle in this world, they're all part of ecosystems which have an impact on other species, and we humans, have to find out what's our rôle and i guess this is the way to find out what's the real meaning of life. Every species has his "skills", abilities they're using every day to keep the ecosystem stable. Human skills are simple, they have the conscience, the possibility to make reasonnings and communicate with each other, they even can act grouped, organised in the same goal; we have to use this gifts and complete the ecosystem. By ecosystem, i'm thinking about the world, the things around us, etc.
That was what i believe in.

Your question about the things we take for granted, what things are you talking about exactly ?

For my philosophical moments, it's way too complicated to explain all here, but i would just say that i'm trying to act following the beliefes i have so i don't have any regrets, only happyness ^^.

Sorry for my english which is not perfect, i hope some people will find interest in what i said =)