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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Level 33, chaps! Arthas, it's about time!

Keep in mind, you can look at older topics of my blog on the right in the navigation bar. The most recent items are listed by title, or you can dig through the archives of the respective month (March or April). I'm amazed by the massive interest in this blog; we started out on March 22, so the day after tomorrow (or tomorrow, technically) it will be 1 month. And we've already got over 65,000 page views! Really amazing :)

I can see in the analytics that there's always a good amount of first-time visitors, so in case you missed any of my previous blogs, don't miss the one right below this one, so you can vote for your favourite players/teams! (Hopefully Grubby, Happy and EG.CS :)

As for now I can go to bed slightly late after doing a fairly good stint of Season 7 Laddering. I used to think that 40 games per day exhausts me a lot, but today I feel fairly good and unimpressed by the amount! Yesterday I had 32 games, of which I lost 3 or 4.. and today I lost 3 games early in the day, and then no more. I did have one disconnect though, so totals to about 4. Still, won the other 36 games and I went up in ranking steadily!

My goal was to increase my level by 1 1/2 , and I did exactly that! I went from 31,5 to 33. I'm now sitting pretty on rank #3 - above me are DeMusliM and LucifroN. LucifroN's got a fair lead, but DeMusliM ain't too far off. I'm really happy that I made it, and also well ahead of schedule. This means I can put more concentration and time into preparation for the clan war of tomorrow first and foremost... Evil Geniuses (god, feels good to say that, compared to HGC, or exMYM) against WickeD! Anticipating this match with a great enthusiasm; hopefully we can get maximum points!

What a simply super day! Oh, gosh, yes!

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