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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A day from NGL ONE to ZOTAC

So I took it quite easy while at the same time preparing timings which I felt would work. Without pressurizing myself too much. I picked up a 2-0 win against LiiLD.C. in NGL ONE as a result. That puts me back to shared rank #2 (instead of shared rank #3), with only Lyn leading at #1.

I went right on to play ZOTAC, whose admins had a fair understanding that it'd be running a little late, luckily I'm usually seeded so that means I get freewin first round.

Then I saw that they put Road to Stratholme in the map pool, well I can only imagine that they did this to give some disadvantage to Orc cuz this map is really bad for Orc =D maybe they want more non-Orc ZOTAC winners. Anyway, it's only in R2 so it doesn't matter for the Single Elim Bo1 bracket, but I can imagine that it's probably in the map pool now, so other races can pick it in Quarters/Semis/Finals.

Haven't really looked at who else is playing yet, so I'll just take it 1 game by 1 game! Gonna have some lunch now, be back later here to discuss my games =)