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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EG, SteelSeries, GomTV

Hi everyone,

It's been less than a month since I've been in team Evil Geniuses. And I already feel snugly at home. I think a lot of people are wondering how it looks like to be on a team from the inside. I hope one day you will find out, but at least I can say that there's almost always more to know than you can see from the outside!

Inside EG
So how does it look like in EG? Well, as you may know I've been talking to EG since before we actually joined on April 16th. Since then I've been sending in feedback for their website development team. It seems my Warcraft 3 expertise can be applied in other areas too, like sniffing down bugs on HTTP's. Hoping they'll fix them soon, although I think the website is already serviceable and pleasant to use! But when they fix 'em we should be able to stay logged in and so forth.

Even though we had only been in EG for a short while, they already quickly took care of our travel expenses for ESWC Korea. That was quite worrying before, when we weren't sure whether Frontspawn was going to survive or not (and especially when we knew they weren't). If we had no team, we'd have to pay our own travels if we wanted to go to ESWC Korea. I've done so a lot in the past when I was in 4Kings, but it costed me a lot (the prize money I won was more than enough to earn it back, but 'twas still a big drain... if you consider how often I went to Asia & America and so on).

Redeeming myself
For my team I and for myself I felt bit bad that I finished poorly in ESWC, but shit happens sometimes. Looking at the bright side, I met a bunch of EG peeps and we did some promo vids (in which they said I did really well, so luckily I had a redeeming quality there in Korea). What I really want is to perform well under EG's flag though so I can make them proud.

Tested out this new SS product..
Being in a team can mean more than just playing, giving interviews, getting paid and going to tournaments. There's a certain excitement involved in being allowed to test new products before anyone else gets a chance to do so. Getting free stuff is one of the best parts of being a pro-gamer. Eventually I'd like to work very closely with peripheral companies to give them my feedback on how the products could be better. Recently I had a chance to test a new product that SteelSeries is developing. I can't say much about it yet because it's classified, but I'm looking very much forward to doing more playing time with it. It seems great... It should be very exciting for people who like gaming equipment. Well, I guess we might find out soon what it is =P

Oh guys have you heard about GomTV? They'll be holding an invitational league soon, here's part of their announcement:
"GOM has planed GOMtv World Invitational for WARCRAFT 3!! ( hereinafter to as the ‘GWI’ )
GWI will be an on-line warcraft 3 frozen throne league. GOM staffs make the best line-up like Sky, Lyn, Grubby, Moon, etc."

Another new tournament for Warcraft 3! And who said we're dying out? =D