Follow Grubby on his Pro-Gaming Adventures: First round fixing for WC3L Playoff 25-27 May
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Friday, May 22, 2009

First round fixing for WC3L Playoff 25-27 May


That's right, EG vs Wicked. Representing EG will be Happy & Grubby, going up against FoCuS & Shy in first round.

Maps are:
1on1: Twisted Meadows,

1on1: Secret Valley,

1on1: Turtle Rock,

1on1: Echo Isles,

2on2: Gnoll Wood,


Not so good 2v2 map for us at all, but the solo maps are quite good. We should win this, probably placing ourselves against nGize in the WB finals. That's my predictions. nGize & Mouz are the two strongest teams at the finals, I think, so either one would be a terribly difficult opponent. Still, only first place is really worth it for us, so that must be our goal. Yet, it would be somewhat of an upset too.

Well I'll be leaving home soon, still gotta clean up, pack my stuff, sleep, shower, ETC... :D As usual won't be getting much sleep, but I should get some in the airplane, and hopefully a good rest in the Hotel as well.

EG fighting!!^^