Follow Grubby on his Pro-Gaming Adventures: A party invitation to all Dutch Warcraft III Gamers
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A party invitation to all Dutch Warcraft III Gamers

Hey Dutch Warcraft III Gamers!

You are all invited to Grubby's birthday party this coming Sunday. Any Dutch Warcraft III gamers or even any gamers living near to The Netherlands(eg, Cologne) are welcome to the party to socialize with the other Dutch gamers.

Here's where and when the party is happening:

Venue : Grubby's home in Nieuwegein in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Email for the address if you are interested to join us for the party.
Date: Sunday, 17th May 2009
Time: opens from 1pm
Snacks: Help yourself to lots of home-made Japanese Sushi (Egg roll sushi, Salmon sushi, Tuna sushi, Prawn sushi and Salad Prawn Sushi..)
Drinks: soft drinks, beer, cocktails..

No need to bring any presents, but if you really want to, Grubby likes English science fiction and fantasy books, doesn't matter if it's first-hand or second-hand.

Warcraft Shootout Tournament
A Warcraft III 1on1 shoot-out tournament will be held at the party in the evening (We'll arrange two computers). We are giving away some equipments as prizes. Do bring your own equipment if you want the best conditions for your play!

See you there!!

Manuel and Cassandra