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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Netherlands vs Norway

Will update later here when I got time. But u can discuss here.

WTV failed @ g1 creo/me. We'll try to get it in g2.

Was TR, AI is next.

Here's match link:

Aw man that's really bad haha ;D I wanted to play too showy, that I end up giving away g2 easily and losing on g3 at a macro strat (his micro wasnt so good at g1, but his mind is really good as always ofc). Well I just felt weird playing against Creo, should've played 100% at all games but this is how it went.

Felt like I didn't have much to win playing against an Inactive player (even one so good as creo), but if I knew I might lose I would have just played grunt/raid/walker at g2 -.-

At least Rdam won his match against Targa.. =X