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Sunday, May 31, 2009

more NGL ONE matches, 1 month "respite":) and S7

Thanks to everyone who's been checking back here regularly. I'm never going to apologize for the lack of content for any period of time - either I blog or I don't. I've been there before, saying "whoo I've been away for such and so long", and once you start like that there's no end to it :) If I'm not blogging, there's probably a good reason for it like me being really busy or I'm traveling for example.

So what's new right now? If you hadn't seen it yet, 3rd place for Evil Geniuses at WC3L, finishing above SK, nGize and World Elite for example. Credit to mouz&wicked for playing so strong despite the unideal conditions. Not going to bore you with a list of conditions, to be honest I just play with whatever I have to play with.

I'm going to be at home for like a month with some important on-line matches like NGL ONE for example. After that it's one of the most important tournaments of the year for me, Blizzard's tournament and its qualifier in Cologne starting at 26th of June.

FoV & Fly are my next NGL ONE opponents - both strong opponents, especially Fly whom I lost 0/2 to recently.

O yea I just won ZOTAC in another cool final against FoCuS (3-2 just like last time). Whether you usually like Orc vs Orc or not, I think the whole series is a recommendation (if you like to see me win, haha).

So that's it for now,